Page 186 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 186
9674. You have told my friend you do not know the exact composition of this crew, the numbers of men and women respectively? - No. 9675. (The Commissioner.) What do you mean by half-a-dozen more men got in. Do you say that after the scouts came back only six men got in? - About that. 9676. Then the boat was already full with the exception of those six men? - Yes. 9677. But they had been calling out for women all the time, had not they? - Yes. 9678. And the women had been getting in, and then they sent for more women, and then six men got in. Is that right? - Yes. 9679. (Mr. Harbinson.) I understood you to say when the boat was lowered to A deck there were only a few women and children standing round. Listen to this: The Attorney-General asks you, “Were third class passengers standing around on A deck at this time at the place where the boat was lowered to? - (A.) Yes, there was some. (Q.) Women and children? - (A.) There were three or four women and children - four women and about three children”? - That is when I arrived there. 9680. On A deck? - Yes. 9681. And when the boat was lowered to A deck it was quite empty? - Bar the crew that entered from the boat deck. 9682. Except the crew? - Yes, six men. 9683. Then I understand that in answer to my Lord those four women and three children got in there? - When I got in there. The Commissioner: No; I did not ask him anything about that. I asked him about six men who he says got in after the scouts came back, and apparently they completed the whole boatload. 9684. (Mr. Harbinson.) Perhaps I could make it slightly clearer this way, my Lord. (To the Witness.) There were only four women and three children, when the boat came down, standing on A deck? - I cannot say; I was not on A deck when the boat arrived. The Commissioner: If you are going to make it clear do not make a statement yourself, because you were not there, but ask him questions. Mr. Harbinson: Yes, my Lord, I will do so. The Commissioner: And elicit from him what the facts are. 9685. (Mr. Harbinson - To the Witness.) Is it accurate that when the boat was lowered to A deck you saw four women and three children standing there? - I was not at A deck when the boat arrived at A deck. 9686. You were not? - No. 9687. When you arrived at A deck did you see four women and three children standing there? - Yes. 9688. Were there some men standing there at the same time? - Yes. 9689. Did those women and children get into the boat? - Yes, I helped them in. The Commissioner: Do not repeat the thing over and over again. We have heard about the four women and the three children over and over again. There is no doubt that they got into the boat. 9690. (Mr. Harbinson - To the Witness.) Was it at that time that scouts were sent round the deck? - Yes. 9691. While the scouts were away did any men get into the boat? - No. 9692. (The Commissioner.) Then after the scouts came back six men got into the boat? - Yes. 9693. Did any more people get into the boat? - No, my Lord. 9694. Was the boat then launched? - The officer said “lower away”; he was frightened of the falls. 9695. (Mr. Harbinson.) Where did you get the crew and passengers all told of 68? - Off A deck. 9696. You do not know how many got in on A deck? - No. They all got in on A deck bar the
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