Page 182 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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want to put to this witness is whether there is a code word for engine room in the ordinary course of events and whether there is any significance in the words “engine room” being spelt out, as opposed to the code word which might mean the boiler room, the engine space. 9596. (The Commissioner - To the Witness.) Is there any code word for “Engine room”? - No, my Lord. The Commissioner: That answers that question. (The Witness withdrew.) The Solicitor-General: There is the witness Rule, who gave evidence on the 10th of May, at the end of the day. My friend, the Attorney-General, examined him. He begins at page 148 and he runs to the end of the day, pages 148 to 153. Your Lordship may remember he was a bath- room steward. The Commissioner: Yes. The Solicitor-General: Your Lordship will see there that though he gave evidence answering questions by the Attorney-General, the other Counsel here did not have an opportunity of putting questions to him. We broke off because we were going to call a different class of witness the next morning. The Commissioner: Yes. The Solicitor-General: I have him here and perhaps it would be as well if he went into the witness-box now. The Commissioner: Let him go. SAMUEL RULE, Recalled. The Commissioner: Does any gentleman want to ask any question of this witness? Mr. Scanlan: I should like to ask him one or two questions, my Lord. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 9597. In your evidence a few days ago you said that Mr. Ismay was assisting on the starboard side to get people into the boats? - Yes. 9598. You heard an order given as to the lowering of the first boat from the starboard side, No. 1? - Yes. 9599. Was Mr. Ismay present when that order was given? - He was standing by No. 3. 9600. That was quite close to No. 1? - Yes. The Commissioner: What do you mean by “quite close to No. 1”? - As far as Mr. Ismay was concerned, it would depend upon where he was standing. 9601. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) Could you indicate where Mr. Ismay was standing on the deck at the time the order was given to No. 1? - At the second boat. (pointing on the model.) 9602. (The Commissioner.) Do you remember with reference to the second boat where about he was standing, was he at the stern, or at the bow, or at the middle. If you do not remember, say so? - The last I saw of him he was pretty well at the stern, at the after fall. 9603. (Mr. Scanlan.) Will you indicate on the model where he was standing? - Yes (The Witness did so.) 9604. And where were you standing? - I was just by the end of No. 3, between that and No. 5. 9605. (The Commissioner.) You were a boat’s length away? - Not quite. 9606. (Mr. Scanlan.) At all events he was nearer to No. 1 at the time it was being lowered than you were? -Yes.
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