Page 179 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9567. That means 1.33? - Yes. 9568. That was your record? - Yes. 9569. And then the next one? - 3.11. 9570. Who is this from? - “‘Carpathia’ calls ‘Titanic’ and says ‘If you are there we are firing rockets.’“ 9571. Just read the next two; I think we must have them? - 3.26 “‘Carpathia’ calling ‘Titanic,’ no reply.” 3.44 “‘Birma’ tells ‘Frankfurt’ that he thinks he hears the ‘Titanic,’ so calls him and says, ‘Steaming full speed to you, shall arrive you six in morning. Hope you are safe. We are only 50 miles now.’” 9572. Then I think two minutes after that you heard the “Carpathia” calling for her again? - Yes. 9573. And then an hour later I see you have an entry, 4.46, that is a quarter to five in the morning, “All quiet. We are stopped amongst pack ice.” That is to say the “Mount Temple” was? The Commissioner: Which is the first message from the “Californian.”? 9574. (The Solicitor-General.) I think, my Lord, the first message from the “Californian” in your copy would be numbered 3.25. Just run your eye down. Is not that right? - Yes. 9575. Let us take it down to that point. You have given me the “Carpathia” calling out at 3.46., then 4.46 “all quiet; we are stopped amongst pack ice.” That meant the “Mount Temple” is. Then at 4.51 you heard the “Birma” and the “Frankfurt” working. The Commissioner: I think the first is 3.25. 9576. (The Solicitor-General.) The next one, 3.20, what is that? - They are still working. 9577. And now the next one? - 3.25, were the “Californian” calls. 9578. What does that correspond to? - 5.11. 9579. That is it. What is it you say? - “Californian” call C.Q. I answer him and tell him the “Titanic” has struck an iceberg and sunk, and give him her position. 9580. That was 5.11 by your time? - Yes. 9581. (The Solicitor-General.) Your Lordship will remember the “Californian” operator. (To the Witness.) Now, does C.Q. simply mean a general call round? - All stations. 9582. So that anybody within range may pick it up and answer it? - That is one of the reasons they altered the distress call. 9583. Because “C.Q.” is so easily confused with “C.Q.D.”? - Yes. 9584. You have not, I think, got it recorded; do you remember what it was the “Californian” operator asked you at 11 minutes past 5? - He called “C.Q.” That was all. He never asked any question at all. 9585. Then you got into touch with him? - Yes. 9586. And you told him the “Titanic” had sunk? - Yes. 9587. And sent him its position? - Yes. 9588. And then I see you have it recorded 15 minutes later, that is at 5.26, that you heard the “Californian” speaking to the “Frankfurt,” and the “Frankfurt” sent him the same information? - Yes. 9589. (The Solicitor-General.) That exactly corresponds my Lord. (To the Witness.) I think you heard about 8 o’clock in the morning, your ship’s time, from the “Carpathia,” that she had rescued - ? - Twenty boat loads. 9590. And, of course, as we know, your ship did her best, but could not get to the spot in time? - No. (The Witness withdrew.) (Adjourned to tomorrow at 10.30 o’clock.)
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