Page 177 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9523. And she had been steaming towards the “Titanic” for an hour? - Yes, since 12.26, I have here. 9524. Since 12.26 and this is 1.27? - Yes. 9525. She had been steaming towards her for just an hour? - Yes. The Commissioner: You are giving us New York time, are you not? The Solicitor-General: No, my Lord, all the way through I am correcting the New York time to the ship’s time, that is to say to this ship’s time. The Commissioner: The black figures printed here are New York time? The Solicitor-General: Yes. The Commissioner: And the figures I am marking as you go along are ship’s time? The Solicitor-General: Yes. I have no doubt they did not correct the ship’s time while rushing to the assistance of the “Titanic,” but it is the ship’s time of the “Mount Temple” at the time she gets the C.Q.D. message. The Commissioner: It would make very little difference surely; there would not be much difference. 9526. (The Solicitor-General.) No. (To the Witness.) What did you do on the “Mount Temple” to correct your time? Is it corrected at noon? - Yes, and I believe it is put on or back some time at night about 10, but that does not affect me at all. 9527. No, of course not. I quite understand. I think your Lordship will find if we have to go into it that the “Olympic” also received this message. I have here the print, and my record is that the “Titanic” says to the “Olympic,” “Weather is clear and calm, engine room getting flooded.” (To the Witness.) Just look in your record and tell me whether at this time you have any record of the “Titanic” saying anything about the weather? - No, I remember distinctly the “Olympic” asking him, “Captain says how is the sea around there?” and he replied, “Sea calm.” 9528. Have not you got that down? - I have that after the “Engine room flooded.” 9529. Within two minutes after? - Yes. 9530. And that is a message to the “Olympic”? - Yes. 9531. So that you have recorded within two minutes two statements which the “Olympic” has got recorded as happening at the same time? - Yes. The Commissioner: I suppose the “Olympic” would get this message, “engine room flooded”? The Solicitor-General: It is recorded by the “Olympic,” my Lord. The Commissioner: I thought it was a general message. The Solicitor-General: Yes, it is sent out to anybody who can hear it. The Commissioner: And he heard it? 9532. (The Solicitor-General.) I was not quite accurate in saying the “Olympic” had recorded it. I do not know whether she did or not. What I was looking at was the corresponding procès- verbal of the “Carpathia” and the “Carpathia” has got a record that they heard the “Titanic” answering the “Olympic” and saying, “weather is clear and calm. Engine room getting flooded,” (To the Witness.) You cannot tell, I expect, whether it was “engine room getting flooded” or “engine room flooded”? - I took particular care to get all these messages absolutely correct. 9533. You think that is quite correct? - I have it here, and I think it is correct too, “‘Titanic’ calling C.Q.D., says ‘engine room flooded’.” And answering the “Olympic’s” question, he said, “sea calm.” 9534. That takes one down to 1.29? - Yes. 9535. Now, two minutes after that, 1.31, did you hear the “Frankfurt” sending a message? - Yes, he asked, “Are there any boats around you already?” The Commissioner: Is that 1.29 or 1.27? 9536. (The Solicitor-General.) 11.41 is the same as 1.27 and 11.43 is the same as 1.29; and 11.45 is therefore the same as 1.31. I was taking them in order, I think. There are three, I am
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