Page 175 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 175
9477. As I understand, you heard the “Titanic” about a quarter to 1 sending both signals? - Yes. 9478. After that could you hear the “Titanic” talking to these other ships? - Yes, she was calling the “Olympic.” 9479. When was she calling the “Olympic”? - 12.43 ship’s time. 9480. (The Solicitor-General.) If your Lordship has a copy corresponding to mine - I think you have - the bottom entry on the first page is “10.57 MGY calling MKC,” and “MKC” means the “Olympic.” (To the Witness.) What is the time equivalent to? - 10.57 is 12.43. 9481. Now tell us your next entry? - The “Caronia.” 9482. That is another ship she got in touch with? - Yes, a long distance away. 9483. What was the time you heard her talking to the “Caronia”? - 12.45 ship’s time. It is the “Caronia,” the Cunard Line. 9484. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) You got one a minute later, 12.46. What is that? - “‘Titanic’ calling ‘Virginian’ and C.Q.D.” 9485. That is the Allan Line, the “Virginian”? - Yes. The Commissioner: This boat, the “Mount Temple,” was never in a position to render active assistance. The Solicitor-General: It was 49 miles away, and it was making for her. The Commissioner: She could not possibly have reached her. 9486. (The Solicitor-General.) No, not possibly. She was doing her best. (To the Witness.) If you had broken in and tried to talk to the “Titanic” yourself, you would only have interrupted her talking to other people? - I should. 9487. So you keep it and only listen? - Yes, I never said a word after I got his position. 9488. And you told your captain of the “Mount Temple” the place, and then you spent your time in recording what you could hear? - Yes, that is the first rule in wireless telegraphy to avoid interference. 9489. (The Commissioner.) And all this time you were making your way towards the position of the “Titanic”? - Yes, the captain had doubled the watch down below. 9490. (The Solicitor-General.) Now pass on to the next entry I think you have got a record of the “Titanic” speaking to the “Olympic”? - Yes. 9491. What time is that? - 1.6 ship’s time. “‘Titanic’ is answered by the ‘Olympic’ and tells him ‘Captain says, ‘Get your boats ready,’ going down fast at the head.’” 9492. That is six minutes past 1? - Yes. 9493. “Captain says, ‘Get your boats ready, going down fast at the head.’”? - Yes. 9494. You notice that message which you hear is within a few minutes of an hour from the time when you had first heard the “Titanic’s” C.Q.D.? - Yes. 9495. Six minutes past 1. Then five minutes after that, 1.11, did you hear a message from the “Frankfurt”? - Yes. 9496. Just read it? - “Our Captain will go for you.” 9497. That is the message sent to the “Titanic”? - Yes. 9498. And the next one? - Two minutes afterwards the “Titanic” was working the “Baltic.” 9499. I think that is the first time we have mentioned the “Baltic,” is it not? - Yes. 9500. That is 13 minutes past 1? - Yes. 9501. You have a record of that going on again three minutes later? - Yes. 9502. Now, 1.21 is it not? - 1.21. “‘Olympic’ sends M.S.G. to ‘Titanic.’” 9503. Read that? - I did not take that. That was an official message which I am not supposed to take. 9504. At any rate you could hear the “Olympic” was sending messages to the “Titanic”? - Yes; it was an official message, something about lighting up all boilers.
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