Page 173 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9426. I suppose you are on the Ship’s Articles of the “Mount Temple”? - Yes. 9427. But are you in the employ of the Marconi Company? - I am. 9428. And does the Marconi Company require you to keep a log? - Yes. 9429. A record of the messages which you send and receive and overhear? - Yes - not overhear. 9430. Only send and receive? - Yes. 9431. I know we are coming to some you did overhear. I think it is called a proces verbal? - Yes. 9432. Have you your copy there? - Yes. 9433. You have a copy there of what I have here? - Yes. 9434. Is this the proces verbal of the “Mount Temple” which you kept? - Yes, of that voyage. The Solicitor-General: I think the clear course is to ask this gentleman, in order the entries which appear to be significant and important. Of course, there are a great many others, which only confuse them. I will take them out in order of time, if I may, right through. The Commissioner: Can you let me have a copy of that document, or a copy of parts of it? 9435. (The Solicitor-General.) I can give your Lordship what has been extracted from it and I think that will be what your Lordship will wish. (To the Witness.) When one comes to the 14th April, the Sunday, you were on the American side of the Atlantic, and were you keeping New York time in your records? - I was keeping New York time. 9436. We have been told that to get back to ship’s time in the sort of latitude where the “Titanic” struck, you would have to add 1 hour and 55 minutes? - In my case it is 1 hour and 46 minutes. 9437. Then if I add 1 hour and 46 minutes to the time you have written down I shall get what your ship’s time was? - Yes. 9438. Before I come to the record which you have kept about the disaster, I want to ask this question. Before you heard anything about the “Titanic” having struck, had you received any warning messages about ice? - Yes; I think it was on the 13th, the day before, from the “Corinthian.” 9439. The day before? - Yes. I think it was the 13th. My P. V. will tell you. 9440. I thought it was on Friday, the 12th. Will you look and see (handing a document to the Witness.)? - Yes. 9441. I think you will find it is about midnight between the 12th and 13th? - This is when I first had it (pointing out on the document). 9442. Did you notice, when you pointed to it, what was the time? - 8.45. 9443. 8.45 p.m. New York time would be the same thing in your ship’s time as half-past ten? - No, we were more to the east at that time; it would be later. 9444. At any rate it would be some time in that evening? - Yes. 9445. And some time on that evening - is it on Saturday? - Yes, you will see it at the top. 9446. Saturday, April 13th, you got a message? - Yes; a formal message from the Captain of the “Corinthian” to the Captain of the “Mount Temple.” 9447. Was it simply that they had seen ice? - Yes. 9448. And did you report that to the Captain? - Yes, right away. 9449. Except for that message, did you get any other message about ice up to the time you heard the “Titanic” calling for help? - No. 9450. Now let us take the story in order of time, as you recorded it with the help of your Marconi apparatus. I am going to add 1 hour and 46 minutes to your time, so as to keep your ship’s time all the way through? - In this copy I have New York time and ship’s time both together. 9451. That is very convenient. Now tell us the ship’s time when you first got a message as to
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