Page 166 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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past one. 9256. You only saw a stern light? - We saw a stern light, and then the masthead lights as she was crossing our bows to the southward. 9257. Beyond that you know nothing of her? - I saw her afterwards in the morning, when it was daylight. She was a foreign vessel - at least, I took her to be a foreign vessel. She had a black funnel with a white band with some device upon it, but I did not ascertain her name. 9258. How are you able to say that the vessel that was showing you a stern light was the vessel you saw at daylight? - We saw her all the time. 9259. You kept her under observation? - Yes. 9260. Was she going west? - She was going east. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 9261. Have you instructions from your company as to what to do when you meet ice? - We are not to enter field ice under any conditions. 9262. Just tell us what your instructions are? - I have not got them here; they do not happen to be in these sailing orders although I have them. Those instructions we usually get that we are not to enter field ice, no matter how light it may appear. 9263. Not even in daylight? - At any time. We are not to enter field ice at any time, no matter how light it may appear. 9264. When you got warning there was ice ahead, what precautions did you adopt? - I simply steered down. I went down further to the southward. 9265. Did you decrease your speed? - Not at all; it was daylight. 9266. What is your highest speed? - About 11 knots. 9267. Do you make any change in the lookout? - If we expect to see ice we always double the lookout. 9268. On this occasion, in daylight, when you were warned there was ice ahead, did you double the look-out? - No, because I made sure I could pass that ice. 9269. At night, even going at 11 knots, do you double the look-out? - No, unless we expect to see ice. 9270. If you expect to see ice, do you double the look-out? - Oh, yes. 9271. When you double the look-out, just explain to my Lord what you do? - Put an extra hand on the forecastle head, besides the look-out in the crow’s-nest. 9272. In ordinary circumstances have you two men in the - Only one. 9273. And one on the forecastle head? - Yes, or on the forward bridge. We have a look-out on the forward bridge. The Commissioner: Not in ordinary circumstances. 9274. (Mr. Scanlan.) No. (To the Witness.) In ordinary circumstances have you any man stationed at the forecastle head? - No. 9275. Supposing there was ice ahead of you, would you double the look-out? - Certainly. The Commissioner: I think you will have to give up that evidence. Mr. Scanlan: I think your Lordship will observe that I want to make this point, that in any circumstances of danger there should be a look-out man on the forecastle head as well as in the crow’s-nest. The Commissioner: I understand that point. 9276. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) Supposing there happened to be a haze ahead, would you then put a look-out man on the forecastle head? - Yes. 9277. Would you diminish your speed if there was a haze ahead? - Not without it was so thick that we could not see a safe distance ahead.
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