Page 164 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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The Solicitor-General: You say your ship would not be on that at all? - We are not a regular ship. 9213. You do not go a regular journey backwards and forwards? - No. 9214. Does that communication chart enable a man to judge when it is likely that he will get within speaking distance of the different vessels in the Atlantic? - It is simply to give the operator an idea what ships to expect. There is one thing I would like to mention. When the ship is stopped and the dynamos are not going it does not mean that the machine is useless, because I have storage batteries as well. If the ship was going down I should not be able to use the ship’s power. I have my own storage batteries. 9215. You are speaking now of what was probably happening on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 9216. You have storage batteries as well as dynamos? - Yes. 9217. Supposing the dynamos on a ship like the “Titanic” stopped and you could not use the current which they make, you would then have recourse to your storage batteries? - Yes. 9218. Would they be as powerful? - The storage batteries are not so powerful, no, but I have got 200 miles with them. (The Witness withdrew.) The Solicitor-General: From the “Californian” there is this donkeyman, Gill, who is not here at present, and who gave evidence in America. I have three or four other “Californian” witnesses, but it does not appear to me they would add anything. The Commissioner: Of course, I do not know what they have got to say; you must exercise your discretion. The Solicitor-General: I have done my best to decide whether they would, from any point of view, add anything, and I do not think so, and therefore we do not propose to call any more unless Mr. Dunlop wants them. The Commissioner: Do you want any more, Mr. Dunlop? Mr. Robertson Dunlop: No, my Lord, I do not think they add anything. The Solicitor-General: What should the “Californian” witnesses do? The Commissioner: As far as I am concerned, they may go. I do not want them. I do not suppose anyone else does. Do you want them, Mr. Dunlop? Mr. Robertson Dunlop: No. The Commissioner: Very well, they may go. They are going to sea. I understand. Mr. Robertson Dunlop: Yes, they are sailing on Saturday. The Commissioner: I do not think it is necessary to keep them. JAMES HENRY MOORE Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL 9219. Do you hold a master’s certificate? - Yes. 9220. On the 14th of April were you master of the “Mount Temple”? - Yes. 9221. Is she one of the Canadian Pacific Railway fleet? - Yes. 9222. What size is she? - 6,661 tons register. 9223. And on what voyage was she? - West. 9224. What voyage - where was she going? - West, on our sixty-second voyage west. 9225. Is she fitted with a Marconi installation? - Yes. 9226. On the 12th April did you receive a message from the “Corinthian” informing you that there was ice? - On the 13th April.
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