Page 162 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9169. You are not able to judge? - No, I know the ship was trembling a bit through hitting the ice. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 9170. Is it not the fact that she was supplied every trip with a chart of the North Atlantic? - Yes. 9171. Have you a copy of the chart you had on the “Californian”? - No, but that chart is only amongst ourselves. They are square charts. They are not made out like ordinary charts. 9172. I want to look at the chart? - We are not marked on that chart because we have not got a regular run. 9173. But the “Titanic” would be marked on it. First class passenger ships would be marked on that, giving the positions going across the Western Ocean? - I do not know. I have not got one of the “Titanic.” 9174. Did you have a chart at all? - No. 9175. Have you seen a Marconi chart? - I should think so. 9176. You had none on the “Californian”? - I had got some. 9177. When did you get it? - The other trip before. 9178. The voyage you were on I mean? - The trip before that. 9179. You got none for the last trip? - No. 9180. Is it not the fact that you get them every trip? - Yes, it was an oversight on my part. 9181. So that you can locate a ship and get some idea of the radius she is in in the Western Ocean? - It is a chart made out so that we can know for our own convenience when to expect communications from other ships, but you cannot say that a certain ship is going to be there at a certain time. 9182. But within a range of 100 miles or so you would have an idea where to pick her up? - Yes. 9183. And you had not got a chart? - No, I had got a South Atlantic chart because I made a mistake. We went to New Orleans on the first trip, and the next trip we came back to London; we did not go back to Liverpool; and in the hurry of getting off again. I did not get another chart. 9184. You took no chart? - No. 9185. If you had had a chart with the “Titanic” on it, it would have given you a better idea where she was than you had? - No, it would not at all. 9186. What is the use of the chart then? - Simply to show us when to expect communications with other ships. 9187. That is the point. At a certain time she would be in a certain place? - You cannot say a ship will be in a certain place at a certain time. 9188. It would give you the radius; I do not mean the miles? - It would give you the longitude West. Examined by Mr. DUNLOP. 9189. With regard to the distance at which you say the “Titanic” was when you got into communication with her, did you give evidence at the Court of Inquiry in America? - Yes. 9190. And you remember in answer to Senator Smith, saying this, “You cannot tell by the strength of the signals where anybody is”? - “You cannot tell exactly” were my words. 9191. Can you tell within 100 miles? - It is very hard to say. There is some peculiarity in every boat. You can tell she is getting nearer by the strength of the signals or something like that. 9192. When you were communicating with the “Titanic” on the Sunday, whether she was 100 miles away or 200, you could not tell from the sounds of the message which she sent to you,
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