Page 161 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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with another system, say the De Forest system? - Not under ordinary circumstances; we are not supposed to. 9143. Have you had instructions on that matter? - No written instructions. 9144. What sort of instructions have you with regard to communication under ordinary circumstances with ships having other installations? - We are not to communicate with them. 9145. You are not to communicate? - No, except in case of distress or anything like that. 9146. Is that under the International Code? - Perhaps you are not aware; that is by agreement with the different countries? - The only other one is the American one, and America has not come under the International Convention. 9147. America has not come under it? - No. The Solicitor-General: We shall call another witness. 9148. (Mr. Lewis.) I will defer that, as I understand another witness will be called. (To the Witness.) When you approached the “Carpathia” did you find any difficulty in getting into communication with her? - Yes. 9149. You tried to communicate did you? - Yes, but I heard him say this; he said that he had picked up twenty boat loads, I think it was. 9150. Did they tell you the same thing as the other boat did, to shut up? I understand you did not think it was rude, but on another occasion another boat told you to shut up. He told you to do the same? - Yes. 9151. You had a communication from the “Frankfurt” and the “Birma,” had you? - Yes. 9152. What systems are those? - I am afraid I made a mistake before, because the German company and our company is a combined company really, and we always communicate with them; but with the Americans we are not supposed to. 9153. What system had the German boat? - It is the Telefunken system. 9154. Did I understand you to say it is a joint system? - A joint system, Marconi and the other. 9155. And the “Birma” is the De Forest? - The American De Forest, yes. 9156. (The Commissioner.) The “Birma” is a Russian ship; she has a different system? - Yes. 9157. (Mr. Lewis.) You say that is an American system? - The United Wireless Company of America, so I understand. 9158. Is that the system employed on the “Birma”? - Yes. 9159. Not the De Forest? - It is the same thing. 9160. You had no difficulty with them. Did you ever have any difficulty with those ships by that system? - They jammed us a good deal. 9161. That is in the ordinary course? - Yes. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 9162. When Mr. Stewart came to your cabin was your ship moving? - No. 9163. How soon after he came to your cabin did your ship start moving? - Ten minutes or a quarter of an hour, I think. 9164. Did he say anything to you about a ship being to the southward, would you find out what she was? - No, not to my knowledge. 9165. How soon did you get into touch with the “Carpathia”? - I did not get her until I got nearly alongside of her. 9166. What time was that? - About half-past 8, I think. 9167. From the time you started moving till you got alongside, have you any idea how far you had traveled? - No, I was in my room most of the time, or else I was running up to the bridge. 9168. Could you tell what the revolutions were; whether it was working rapidly or slowly? - I do not think so; I am not much judge of that.
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