Page 159 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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could help? - The “Frankfurt” told me they were going along, and the “Virginian” told me so, and also a Russian boat. 9098. What is the name of the Russian boat? - The “Birma,” Russian-American Line. 9099. She has also got wireless, has she? - Yes, but not our system. 9100. Could you tell sufficiently? - Yes. We all unite in case of an emergency like that. 9101. Did these different vessels that you speak of give you their position? - No, Sir; they gave the “Titanic’s.” 9102. Only the “Titanic’s”? - Yes. 9103. Then you knew they were going to the spot, but you did not know where they were going from? - I knew the “Frankfurt” had passed us during the day before, I think it was. 9104. She is a faster boat than you? - She was going the opposite way, and she passed us. She turned back and went towards the scene of the disaster. 9105. You knew she was nearer Europe; she was more to the East? - Yes. 9106. Apart from that, did you know the actual position of these other boats that said they were going to her assistance? - No. I knew that the “Virginian” was coming up from Cape Race way. 9107. (The Commissioner.) Yes, but you did not know their position? - No, my Lord. The Solicitor-General: That is what I wanted to know. (After a Short Adjournment.) 9108. (The Solicitor-General.) What I wanted to know further was this, about the system. When you turn in and leave your instrument as I understand from what you have told me, a motor stops, your little motor? - No, the detector, it has to be wound up. 9109. Is the effect of that that there would be no means by which you would know whether a distress signal was being sent out by another ship? - No, unless I had the ‘phones on. There has been nothing invented so far. There was in the very old sets, but it was done away with because it could not be relied on. 9110. So that you have to rely upon the sense of hearing in your ears, applied to the receiving instrument set against your ears? - Yes. 9111. And, of course, you cannot do that when you are asleep in bed? - No. 9112. The other thing I wanted to be clear about was this. I suppose the range of your communication depends upon the strength of your installation? - For sending, yes. 9113. You heard the “Titanic” speaking to Cape Race? - Yes. 9114. Could you hear Cape Race speaking to the “Titanic”? - No. 9115. Could you hear Cape Race at all? - No. 9116. But evidently the “Titanic” could hear Cape Race? - They had a higher area, and I understand they had a more sensitive detector. 9117. Now, take your installation. What sort of range, what radius of area would you be able to cover with your apparatus; could you speak to a ship 100 miles off? - Yes; the furthest distance I have got so far is 250 miles. My power is cut down. The ship is only a 60-volt dynamo ship; most ships have 100 volts. 9118. So that your installation was comparatively weak? - Oh, no, I get 250 miles. The Solicitor-General: Of course, this witness can give evidence of what happened when they got to the “Carpathia,” but we have got it without. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 9119. I think you said to your Captain on the Sunday evening that the “Titanic” was near you? - I said I thought she was near us.
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