Page 158 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9070. Is that a general call up? - A general call for all ships to answer. 9071. Did you get an answer from anybody? - Yes. 9072. From what ship? - The “Mount Temple” first. 9073. That is a Canadian Pacific vessel, I think? - Yes. 9074. Did you get any information from her? - He said, “Do you know the “Titanic” has struck an iceberg, and she is sinking,” and he gave me her position. 9075. You have got his message there, have you? - No, - I mean to say you do not call those messages, you know. 9076. (The Commissioner.) Was it the “Mount Temple” said that the “Titanic” had struck an iceberg? - Yes. 9077. (The Solicitor-General.) You would not keep a record of this? - It is just simply conversation, Sir. 9078. Did you say, “She is sinking”? - He said, “She is sinking.” 9079. The “Mount Temple” said, “She is sinking”? - Yes. 9080. Did he give you the position of the “Titanic”? - Yes. 9081. The position that we have had mentioned in the case several times? - Yes. 9082. Did the “Mount Temple” say what she was doing? - No. The “Frankfurt” jumped in then. He told me the same thing and gave me the same position. 9083. What line does the “Frankfurt” belong to? - She is a German boat; I think it is the Norddeutscher Lloyd. I know it is a German boat. 9084. What did the “Frankfurt” say? - The “Frankfurt” told me the same thing. The Chief Officer was in my room at the time. 9085. You have told us that Mr. Stewart came in and gave you this information of what had happened during the night, and asked you to find out whether anything was the matter. You say you jumped out of bed and used your instrument. Was Mr. Stewart there? - Yes, Sir. I gave him the position, and he went off to get the Captain. 9086. When you heard these messages from the “Mount Temple” and from the “Frankfurt” did you tell Mr. Stewart what you heard? - I wrote down the position and gave it to him. 9087. You wrote down the position on a piece of paper and gave it to him? - Yes. 9088. Did it take any time calling these ships up and getting the answer? - About five minutes, not more than that. 9089. So that it was about a quarter to six ship’s time? - Yes. 9090. When you gave Mr. Stewart the message and the position what did he do? - He went off to the Captain and fetched the Captain. Then I got the “Virginian” and asked him for an official message. 9091. What line does the “Virginian” belong to - the Allan line, is it not? - Yes. 9092. You asked the “Virginian,” did you, for an official message? - Yes, so that I could give it to the Captain. 9093. What was the message that you got from the “Virginian”? - It gave the position of the “Titanic,” and said she was sinking, passengers in boats. The Solicitor-General: Have not you got the actual message there? You might just as well have it? The Commissioner: What was the position? 9094. (The Solicitor-General.) I think you will find it is in the message. I have it here: “‘Titanic’ struck berg; wants assistance; urgent; passengers in boats; ship sinking. His position, 41.46 North, 50.14 West. - Gamble, Commander.” Is that right? - Yes. 9095. That is the message from the “Virginian”? - Yes, I have it here, Sir. 9096. I think I read it right, did not I? - Yes. 9097. Did you get any news as to whether any vessels were going to this spot to see if they
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