Page 157 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9037. And he came in you say at about a quarter-past 12? - He stopped up on the bridge, I think, for 10 minutes until 10 minutes past 12 with the other officer to get his eyes in. 9038. When Mr. Groves came into your room, what did he do? - He asked me what ships I had got; if I had got any news. 9039. Yes, what did you tell him? - I told him I had got the “Titanic.” I said, “You know, the new boat on its maiden voyage. I got it this afternoon.” 9040. You got it this afternoon. Had you got the “Titanic” earlier than half-past 7? - No. 9041. When you said “This afternoon,” you mean at half-past 7”? - Yes, Sir, that was right. 9042. That is right, is it? - Yes. 9043. By New York time it would be 4.30 or 5 o’clock? - Yes. 9044. Did anything more happen then? - I do not remember Mr. Groves picking the ‘phones up, but Mr. Groves says so. 9045. That he picked them up and put them into his ears? - Yes; of course, I was half asleep. 9046. Did he tell you, as far as you recollect, then at a quarter-past twelve of anything that he had seen since the ship had stopped? - No. 9047. He only came in and asked what ships you had got? - Yes. He generally comes in my room and has a talk. 9048. He generally does that? - Yes. He comes and has a chat. 9049. Just to find out what the news is? - Yes. 9050. And then, I think, you went to sleep? - Then I went to sleep. He switched out the light and shut the door. 9051. The next thing I want to know is this. Mr. Stewart is the Chief Officer, is he not? - Yes. 9052. Do you remember Mr. Stewart coming into your room later on? - Yes, in the morning. 9053. Can you tell me what time it was? - 3.40 or 3.45, New York time. 9054. (The Solicitor-General.) Do you mind timing it into ship’s time for us? The Commissioner: It is inconvenient to have two times. I have taken it down hitherto in ship’s time. 9055. (The Solicitor-General.) It is certainly much more convenient, my Lord. (To the Witness.) You have only to add one hour 55 minutes to it, have not you? - Yes. 9056. So that 3.45 New York time is 5.40 ship’s time. Is that right - about twenty minutes to six? - Yes. 9057. It was getting light? - Just after dawn, I think. 9058. You remember Mr. Stewart coming into your room at that time, twenty minutes to six? - Yes. 9059. Just tell us carefully, if you will, what it was he said? - He said: “There’s a ship been firing rockets. Will you see if you can find out whether there is anything the matter?” 9060. (The Commissioner.) Find out what? - If there is anything the matter. 9061. (The Solicitor-General.) Did you ask him any more about the rockets? - No, I jumped out of my bunk and took up the ‘phones at once. 9062. You took up the ‘phones immediately? - Yes. 9063. If you had been asked to do that at any time in the night you could have done it, could not you? - I could have done it. 9064. And would have done it, of course? - Yes. 9065. When you get hold of your instrument you send out a call don’t you? - I listened at first to see if anybody was working. 9066. You listened first? - Yes. 9067. But you did not hear anything? - No. 9068. And then not hearing anything did you send out a call? - Yes, C.Q. 9069. That is call C.Q. is it? - Yes.
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