Page 151 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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8886. Did you ask him whether he had seen anything else? - He said he thought there was a light to southward about 20 minutes to 4. 8887. And when he stated that, what did you do, if anything? - I looked and I could see a light to the southward. 8888. What was the vessel which was showing the light which you saw to the southward at 20 minutes to 4? - I saw the lights at 4 o’clock. She had two masthead lights and a few lights amidships. 8889. That was the light which the Second Officer, as I understand, had told you he thought he saw - the light to the southward at 20 minutes to 4? - Yes. 8890. He told you that at 4 o’clock, and then you say you looked at it and you picked up the light? - Yes. 8891. Was that the light of this four-masted one funnel steamer which you afterwards saw at daylight? - Yes. 8892-3. Did you draw the attention of the Second Officer to that light? - Yes. The Commissioner: Now, Mr. Dunlop, do get on. 8894. (Mr. Dunlop.) And it was then that there was some discussion as to whether that was the vessel that had been exhibiting the rockets which he had seen during the middle watch? - Yes. 8895. Did he say whether he had seen this vessel before or not? - He said he had not seen that ship before. 8896. Is it easy or not to say from what particular lights distress signals may be exhibited - whether it was this vessel or some other vessel? Is it different from lights only or masthead lights? You see what I mean? Was it easy for him to be able to be sure whether the vessel that was exhibiting the rockets was not the vessel which you drew his attention to shortly after 4 o’clock? - No, I do not think so. The Commissioner: I do not very well understand the question, and I certainly do not understand the answer. 8897. (Mr. Dunlop.) My Lord, I will try and put it again more clearly. (To the Witness.) The Second Officer, as you told us, said that he did not think the vessel which you pointed out to him was the vessel that had previously been firing the rockets? - Yes. 8898. Is that a thing that he could be sure about? - I do not think so. The Solicitor-General: He has given evidence, you know. 8899. (Mr. Dunlop.) I want to know your opinion, because you were there and you saw this vessel and the position in which this vessel was. Did the Second Officer report to you the direction from which he had seen these rockets? - Coming from the steamer? 8900. Yes? - He said she had gone away to the south-west. 8901. And in what direction was it that you saw this light which you were able to pick up? - About south. Mr. Edwards: May I suggest that your Lordship asks this witness this question: How many funnels the “Carpathia” has? 8902. (The Commissioner.) Can you tell us how many funnels the “Carpathia” has? - One funnel, my Lord. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 8903-4. How many masts has the “Carpathia” got? - Four masts. 8905. Is it in your mind at all that it was the “Carpathia” you saw? - No; I thought it was a yellow funnel boat when the sun was up. 8906. Are there any instructions issued by your company about the Marconi apparatus in time of trouble, either on your own ships or any other ships? - No, I do not know of any.
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