Page 135 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 135
to westward. 8468. Was she? - She was bound to. 8469. Did you see her going to westward? - Well, I saw her red light. 8470. If she was going to the westward and was to the southward of you, you ought to have seen her green light? - Not necessarily. 8471. Just follow me for a moment. She is coming up on your starboard quarter, you told us? - On our starboard quarter. 8472. Heading to the westward? - I did not say she was heading to the westward. 8473. Proceeding to the westward? - Yes. 8474. And she is to the southward of you? - She is to the southward of us. 8475. Then the side nearest to you must have been her starboard side, must it not? - Not necessarily. If she is going anything from N. to W. you would see her port side. At the time I left the bridge we were heading E.N.E. by compass. 8476. Never mind about your heading. I am only dealing with her bearings. She is bearing S.S.E. of you - south-easterly? - About south. 8477. She is south of you and apparently proceeding to the westward? - Yes, some course to the westward. 8478. Does it follow from that that the side which she was showing to you at that time must have been her starboard side? - No it does not follow at all. If she is steering a direct west course, yes. 8479. Did you see her green light at all? - Never. 8480. When the captain came up at 11.30 and you reported her to the captain, what lights was she then showing? - The captain did not come up at 11.30. 8481. When did he come up? - About 11.45 on to the bridge. 8482. You reported to the captain at 11.30? - About 11.30. 8483. And then the captain at some time looked at her and said, “That does not look like a passenger steamer”? - That was about 11.45 on the bridge. 8484. What lights was she then showing? - Two masthead lights and a sidelight, and a few minor lights. 8485. Some deck lights? - A few deck light, yes; that is what I could see. 8486. Is that before or after you say the deck lights had gone out? - That was after the deck lights went out. 8487. What were those deck lights that you saw when the captain came on the bridge? - I do not think that then I could see more than 3 or 4. 8488. Had those lights gone out or had they come into view again after going? - I do not quite follow. 8489. You have told us the deck lights had gone out? - Yes; when I say that the deck lights had gone out I mean that they disappeared from my view. 8490. They disappeared from your view, and then apparently some of them again came into view? - Yes. 8491. Was that indicating that the vessel was swinging? - Well, it might do. 8492. Turning her head in the ice as you were? - It might do. 8493. When you turned into your berth that night about 12.30 did you think there was any vessel in distress? - No. 8494. (The Commissioner.) You had seen no rockets? - I had seen no rockets, my Lord. 8495. And nothing in the appearance of the lights which you say, and the going out of those lights which you have described, led you to think that vessel was in any way in distress? - Nothing whatsoever. 8496. But was, like yourselves, stopped in the ice? - That is so.
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