Page 131 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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8377. You have never seen one fired? - No. 8378. Is there any inscription on them? - I have not seen a rocket itself, either. 8379. You only know they are there? - I only know they are there. 8380. If you were in distress you would simply send up one of these rockets? - Yes. 8381. And then you would find out for the first time what it looked like? - In my own particular case I should. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 8382. At the time you left the bridge was it a clear night? - Quite clear. 8383. Was it so clear that your captain could have picked his way, even through that ice-field to the ship which you saw? - He could have picked his way through there, but it certainly would not have been a particularly safe proceeding. There is no doubt he could have done it. 8384. You said when you first saw the ship she appeared to be about 10 miles from you? - Ten to twelve, I said. 8385. When she came to a stop what was the distance? - Well, I should think about five to seven miles. 8386. In the relative positions of your ship and this ship which you saw, would any person from her see your starboard light and one masthead light? - When she first stopped he could not have seen it before I left the bridge. 8387. In the position to which you had swung round, just at the time you were leaving the bridge, if any person from that ship or from a boat lower down saw you, would they have seen the light you were showing then, your red starboard light? - It is a green light. 8388. I beg your pardon - your green light? - Yes. 8389. And the white masthead light? - They would have been able to have seen it from the ship undoubtedly, but as to a boat I am rather doubtful. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 8390. Your captain stopped because of the ice-field? - Yes. 8391. That is because he considered it exceedingly dangerous? - That is so; at least, I suppose that is what he concluded. 8392. When you saw this steamer, at any time had you any doubt about its being a passenger steamer? - No doubt whatsoever. 8393. And you for your part never considered it was a tramp steamer? - No, I did not. 8394. And you told the captain, you have told us, that you believed it was a passenger steamer? - Yes, I told the captain that. 8395. And that you could see the two masthead lights? - I do not think I told him that I could see two masthead lights. Mr. Harbinson: I think you told the Court here today - The Commissioner: Do not take him all through the whole thing again. I have heard the whole of this. It does not help us to have it all over again. 8396. (Mr. Harbinson.) I do not intend to take him through it all, my Lord. (To the Witness.) You did see two masthead lights? - Yes, I did see two masthead lights. 8397. What did the captain say when you told him it was a passenger steamer? - Do you remember? - Yes, I do. He said to me, “The only passenger steamer near us is the ‘Titanic.’“ The Commissioner: We have got it, you know. He said, “The only passenger steamer about here is the ‘Titanic.’“ 8398. (Mr. Harbinson.) The question I propose to follow that up with is this: Did the captain
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