Page 13 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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FREDERICK SCOTT, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 5506. (The Attorney-General.) Scott is the one who climbed down the davits with Ranger, the Electrician who was called yesterday. (To the Witness.) Were you employed as a Greaser on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 5507. Do you remember the Sunday of the collision, the 14th April? - Yes. 5508. You were on watch, I think? - Yes. 5509. You went on watch at 8 o’clock, did you? - Yes. 5510. In the ordinary course would that be from 8 to 12? - 8 to 12. 5511. Was your duty in the turbine department? - Yes. The Commissioner: I see that Ranger spoke to the list to port? 5512. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, that is the one I called your attention to just now. That is the reference I did give. (To the Witness.) That is where the turbine engine is? - Yes. 5513. You were employed in the turbine engine room, starboard side? - Starboard side. 5514-5. Is that where you were when the collision happened? - Yes, just against the engine room door which parts the turbine room from the engine room. 5516. Oh yes, into the reciprocating engine room? - Yes. 5517. That is forward? - No, the after side of the engine room door, the after side of the main engine room. 5518. (The Commissioner.) The engine room door is forward of the turbine? - Yes, the forward side of the turbine door. 5519. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, forward of the turbine-room is the reciprocating engine room, and aft are the electric engines? - Yes. 5520. We have that from the plan. You were standing by the door. Just tell us before you felt anything at all, did you see anything done? - No. 5521. You felt something; what was it? - I felt a shock and I thought it was something in the main engine room which had gone wrong. 5522. We know it was about 11.40? - Yes, about 20 minutes to 12. 5523. Did you notice the two telegraphs in the engine room? - Yes; four telegraphs rang. 5524. Were there four telegraphs? - She got four telegraphs, two emergency ones. 5525. Two emergency? - Yes, and two for the main engine. 5526. What did you notice? - I noticed “Stop” first. 5527. To which telegraph did that come? - On the main engines. 5528. Let us get this clearly. I understand you are speaking now of the turbine room? - No, there are two stand-bys; you can see just the same in the turbine room; if you are standing at the engine room door you can see the two just the same. 5529. Where did you see those? - In the main engine room. 5530. That is where the reciprocating engines are? - Yes. 5531. The water-tight door is open? - Yes. 5532. And you can see through? - Yes. 5533. Now I think we follow. When you speak of the four telegraphs, are they all there? - Yes. 5534. Or are there any in your room? - No, there are none in the turbine room at all, Sir, all in the main engine room. 5535. Was the telegraph signal that came the emergency or the ordinary telegraph? - That is to the main engine room. It is different. They ring the two on the main engine room, and then they ring two others just afterwards, the emergency ones. 5536. Did you hear the two? - All four went.
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