Page 129 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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get dressed; we shall be wanted in the boats.” He said, “I saw rockets in my watch.” 8311. That conveys to me the notion that when he said he saw rockets in his watch he was referring to the rockets which he believed had come from the “Titanic.” Did he give you that impression? - Well, it is rather difficult for me to say what impression I got then because I was rather excited, but I have told you what he said to me and what I said to him. 8312. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Did you dress? - Yes. 8313. And go up on the bridge? - Yes, I went straight up on the bridge as soon as I was dressed. 8314. What did you find when you got there? - Ice all round us and icebergs. 8315. Was your ship under way? - The ship was under way then, and I could feel her bumping the ice, and I knew she had got a good speed on by that. 8316. She had not started when you went off your watch? - No. 8317. You did not know when she did start, because you were asleep? - I was asleep. 8318. She had started when you were called, had she? - She was under way then. 8319. Were your lifeboats being swung out? - Yes, the lifeboats were being swung out then. 8320. This was about half-past six, I suppose? - Well, about half-past six; I said 6.40 when I was first called. 8321. Now it is getting on for 7? - I suppose by the time I got on the bridge it would be 6.50; but you understand the time is only approximate. 8322. I quite understand that. Were there any other vessels in sight? - Yes 8323. What were they? - There was a four-masted steamer abeam on our port side. 8324. What steamer was that? - I did not know at the time, but I knew afterwards she was the “Carpathia.” 8325. Abeam on your port side? - Abeam on our port side. 8326. In what direction were you going? - That I could not say. 8327. You did not notice? - No. 8328. How far off was she? - I should think she would be about 5 miles - possibly more, possibly less, but about five. 8329. Did you look at her with the glass? - I did. 8330. Who asked you to do that, anybody? - The captain. 8331. Did you make out anything about her? - After I had been looking at her I made out she had her house flag half-mast. She had a red funnel with a black top. 8332. (The Commissioner.) She had what half-mast? - Her house flag. 8333. What is that? - Her company’s flag. 8334. Is there any significance in its being half-mast? - It is half-masted for death, my Lord. 8335. (Mr. Rowlatt.) That is how you understood it at the time? - That is what I understood it to mean. 8336. It was because of the disaster to the “Titanic” that this vessel was flying her house flag half-mast? - Yes. 8337. What did your vessel do then? - We continued on our course for a little time after I had told the captain she had a red funnel with a black top and the house flag half-masted, and the next thing that was done we starboarded. 8338. You made straight for her? - We made practically straight for her. 8339. Did you see any other vessel? - Yes, I saw two other vessels. 8340. At this time? - Yes. I fancy one of them was in sight at the same time as I noticed this four-master. 8341. (The Commissioner.) Do you know what they were? - I know what one of them was. 8342. What was it? - The “Mount Temple.” 8343. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Where was she? - She was ahead, a little on our starboard side when I saw
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