Page 126 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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8231. I mean, you are not suggesting that the port light was opened, having been shut in before? - Oh, no. 8232. I only want to understand. You cannot see a red light in the midst of the glare of the deck lights. That is what you mean? - Yes, because of the blaze of the white lights. 8233. Was that at 11.40? - Yes. 8234. It was after this that you had a conversation with the captain about the “Titanic”? - Yes. 8235. (The Commissioner.) Did the captain see these lights disappear? - Not to my knowledge, my Lord. 8236. Was he there when you saw them disappear? - Not on the bridge. 8237. Where was he - in the chart room? - I could not be certain where he was at that particular moment. When I spoke to him about the steamer coming up astern he was in the chart room. 8238. But at the time you saw the white lights of the steamer disappear he was not standing with you? - No, my Lord. 8239. It was after you had seen those white lights disappear that you had a conversation with him in which he said to you “the only passenger steamer is the ‘Titanic’”? - That is so. 8240. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Did you have any further conversation with the captain? - I did not. 8241. Did he stay on the bridge or go down again? - I do not think he would have been up there for more than three minutes at the outside with me. 8242. Then he went down again? - He did. 8243. Did you stop on the bridge? - I stopped on the bridge. 8244. Did you continue to observe the steamer? - After I had tried ineffectually to Morse her I did not pay any particular attention to her. 8245. Did you not notice her or did you notice her? - Oh, I noticed her certainly. 8246. Was she keeping her same position? - The same position, yes. We were swinging slowly to port, very slowly. 8247. Did you not take her bearing by the compass? - Not that steamer’s bearing, no. 8248. She would appear to be coming round more towards your stern? - No, she would appear, as we were swinging, to be working towards our head. 8249. I thought you were swinging to port? - No, we were swinging to starboard - that is, to the right hand. 8250. How long did you stay on the bridge? - I stayed on the bridge till something between 12.10 and 12.15. 8251. And were you then relieved by Mr. Stone? - I was. 8252. (The Commissioner.) 12.15? - I could not be sure of the exact time. 8253. You were relieved by whom? - Mr. Stone. 8254. (Mr. Rowlatt.) The last witness we had yesterday, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Was he the first person that came on the bridge after the captain went down? - Was there anybody else there? I only want to know whether I have missed out anything? - No, there was nobody up on the bridge from the time that the captain left until Mr. Stone came up. 8255. Very well. Did you point out the steamer to Mr. Stone? - Yes. 8256. Did you tell him what you thought she was? - Yes. 8257. What did you say? - I pointed out the steamer to him and said, “She has been stopped since 11.40”; and I said, “She is a passenger steamer. At about the moment she stopped she put her lights out.” 8258. (The Commissioner.) Wait a moment: “I pointed the steamer out to Stone and said, ‘She is a passenger steamer. She put her light out.’“ Do you mean by that she shut her light out? - She shut her lights out, my Lord. The Commissioner: “About 11.40.” 8259. (Mr. Rowlatt.) To get it quite clear, at that time was it your impression she had put her
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