Page 125 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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The Commissioner: It supplies only, as I understand, the lights in what you may call the working parts of the ship - the alleyways, the engine rooms. Mr. Laing: And the deck cabins, I think. The Commissioner: The deck cabins? Mr. Laing: I think so. The Commissioner: I do not think so. Mr. Laing: Some of them, at any rate. Mr. Rowlatt: It can hardly be that when they stopped the ship going forward the ship is plunged in darkness automatically. It only means they stopped the engines which actuate the propellers. The Commissioner: At some time the light which was produced by the main engines did go out. Mr. Rowlatt: The lights went out in a stokehold. The Commissioner: I remember that. It came on again in a few minutes; in something like ten minutes it came back again. That was temporary. Mr. Rowlatt: I apprehend that the engine which produces the electric light is not the same engine as the engine which turns the propellers. The Commissioner: Which engine is it? Mr. Rowlatt: I cannot tell your Lordship at the moment. We will find out. The Commissioner: There is a separate engine which works what I call the emergency electric light machine, is not there? Mr. Rowlatt: There is, my Lord. The Commissioner: Now where is the engine that works the electric light when that emergency apparatus is not in use? Mr. Rowlatt: I cannot point to it at the moment - it is immediately abaft the turbine. The Commissioner: It is abaft the turbine? Mr. Rowlatt: Yes. The Commissioner: Very well. Now I understand it. Those engines would be going on just the same although the signal had come from the bridge to stop the main engines. Mr. Rowlatt: Yes. I have got an answer from the witness which may throw some light upon it. He said that, in his opinion, the turning of the ship - The Commissioner: I heard him. That would be when the order was given to change the direction. Mr. Rowlatt: Hard-a-starboard; and your Lordship remembers we had evidence that the ship did answer to the extent of two points at once. The Commissioner: Yes, she did answer her helm. Very well; two points you were saying? Mr. Rowlatt: Two points, my Lord. The man at the compass said she altered her course two points. The Commissioner: A change of two points to port would conceal the lights in the ship? 8224. (Mr. Rowlatt - To the Witness.) Did you say “would” or “might”? I do not want to put it too high? - In my own private opinion it would. 8225. You are speaking of deck lights? - Yes. 8226. Lights from the ports and windows? - Yes. 8227. Did you continue to see the masthead lights? - Yes. 8228. Did you see any navigation lights - sidelights? - I saw the red port light. 8229. (The Commissioner.) When did you see that? - As soon as her deck lights disappeared from my view. 8230. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Did it strike you that going out of the glare of the other lights could show up the port light? Is that what you mean? - Yes, it would do.
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