Page 118 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 118
8062. You must have seen her green light if it was showing, before she shut in her stern light? - If she shut in her red light. I did not say she shut in her stern light. She did not shut her stern light in at all the whole period. 8063. You are head E.N.E.? - Yes. 8064. She is abeam of you? - She is on our starboard beam. 8065. With her red light open? - Yes. 8066. Then you turned round? - We slowly swung to port the other way, swinging through to southward. 8067. You came round that way? - Yes, and brought her head - 8068. Right round this way? - Yes to W.S.W. 8069. And she goes away to the S.W.? - Yes as near as I could judge. That was approximate. 8070. She must open her green light to you? - No. 8071. (The Commissioner.) Is not that so? - She must have opened her green light to you? - To steam away to the S.W.? 8072. Yes. - No. 8073. Just follow it. Take that red book which perhaps makes it plainer, and put the two little boats on it. 8074. (Mr. Laing.) (Demonstrating with models.) Here is your ship heading E.N.E.? - Yes. 8075. Here is a vessel showing her red light on your starboard beam? - From the appearance of her lights, she was more that way, heading in the same direction as ourselves. 8076. Showing a red light? - Yes. 8077. Now you began to turn round through the southward? - Yes. 8078. Like this? - Yes. 8079. How far did you get? - To W.S.W. 8080. That is about it? - Yes. 8081. Now where does she go to? - To the S.W. 8082. She must, to go to the S.W., go round here? 8083. (The Commissioner.) She went across your bows? - It was merely our swinging that brought her across our bows. 8084. Never mind, she did come across your bows. Mr. Laing: She must have done. 8085. (The Commissioner.) How did she do it without showing her green light? - I did not see her green light at all. She ported. She shut in her red sidelight and showed her stern light. 8086. (Mr. Laing.) And came round like that? - I did not see the green light. 8087. (The Commissioner.) She must have shown her green light, you know? - We are heading W.S.W. and the steamer’s stern was S.W. ahead of us. All we would see is her stern light. I did not see any sidelight at all after she started to steam away. Examined by Mr. ROBERTSON DUNLOP. 8088. What kind of steamer did you judge her to be from the appearance of the lights you saw? - A smallish steamer. 8089. Judging from the appearance of the lights, could she possibly have been the “Titanic” in your opinion? - Not by any means. 8090. (The Commissioner.) Have you heard of any other steamer that was in that neighbourhood at that time? - No. 8091. I daresay you have been asking everywhere for this steamer? - There was no one to ask; no one to give us information about it. 8092. Have you been trying to find out? - Only by watching the newspapers.
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