Page 117 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 117
you said. You said you had not your binoculars when the first rocket went up and you did not see the stars. Then you took your binoculars and you saw two other rockets and in each case you saw stars? - Yes. 8041. Did not those come in fairly quick succession one after another? - Yes. 8042. What do you mean by saying that you did not see them coming in quick succession one after another? - I said that the ship was altering her bearing from the time she showed her first rocket; she commenced altering her bearing by the compass. 8043. Is not this accurate? When you came on to your watch at twelve o’clock this ship was stationary? - Yes. 8044. And except for a change in her position towards 2.40 she was stationary all the time? - No she was not stationary. 8045. Was she moving? - She started to move as soon as I saw the first rocket. She was stationary up to that time. She was stationary by our compass, at least so far as I could tell. 8046. Do you mean to say she was swinging about? - She was not swinging so far as I could tell; she was steaming away. 8047. But have not you said to Mr. Aspinall that you only noticed her steam away towards four o’clock? - Certainly not; I made no such remark, I think. 8048. When did you send word to the Captain that you noticed her steaming away. 8049. (The Commissioner.) It is 2 o’clock? - At 10 minutes past 1. I reported to the Master that she was altering her bearings, which was the same thing. 8050. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Altering her bearings did not mean steaming away? - I do not see how two ships can alter their bearings when stopped. The Commissioner: You need not press this any further. Mr. Scanlan: No, my Lord. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 8051. Did you notice this ship had a list? - No, I did not. 8052. Are you sure? - Yes. 8053. Did you tell Gibson to look through his glasses, and that the ship had a list? - No; he remarked to me that it looked as if she had a list to starboard. 8054. Did you look? - I looked. 8055. (The Commissioner.) Did you notice it? - I did not. I remarked to him that it was owing very probably to her bearing and her lights were changing possibly. She had no list as far as I could see. Examined by Mr. LAING. 8056. Did you ever see this vessel’s green light? - No. 8057. If she was going away S.W. she must have gone under your stern? - No, she went across our bow. 8058. Were you turned round? - We were slowly swinging. 8059. She could not cross your bow showing you a red light? - Why not? 8060. Well, I do not think so; I may be wrong? - That is the light she would show, her red light. 8061. If you turn round - heading W.S.W. I think you said? - We were heading E.N.E. at the beginning of the watch and slowly turned round to W.S.W. When I lost sight of this steamer we would be heading then about W.S.W. and she would be about 2 points on our port bow. I saw then her stern light, not her red light. She shut in her red light.
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