Page 11 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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through the pantries. 5463. It is a kind of crew’s companion. When you got to the baker’s shop was there anyone there? - When I was getting to the baker’s shop I asked a fellow if there was no more bread left, and he said “No,” that it had all gone up. 5464. Who was there? - Some stewards; I do not know their names. 5465. Was the chief baker there? - I did not see him. 5466. They had already sent the bread up. Did you join the ship in Belfast? - Yes. 5467. You went over to Belfast for her, so that you would have a thorough knowledge of the ship by the time you got to Southampton. Did you hear any orders given, if orders were given - for the stewards to know exactly how to get up to the boat deck? - Yes. 5468. Did you hear any orders for them to go and get the third-class women out? - No. 5469. Or the second cabin? - No. 5470. You heard no orders at all? - No. Orders might have been given, but I was not there when they were given. 5471. Had you any difficulty in lowering boat 14? - Not at first. When it was half way down the ship’s side the tackle got hitched up. 5472. Could you account for that at all? - I think the tackle got twisted. 5473. Through its being new? - That might have been so. 5474. Had you much trouble in getting it into its ordinary shape to get down? - No. 5475. Was the ship listing to starboard when you were lowering that boat? - I think there was a list to port. 5476. A list to port? - I think so. The Commissioner: That is the first we have heard of that, I think. Is there evidence that she had a list to port. The Attorney-General: Oh, certainly, my Lord. I will call your Lordship’s attention to it. Mr. Cotter: Before she sank, my Lord; we have evidence that there was a list to port. The Attorney-General: There is no doubt there is some already, and there is a good deal more to come. The Commissioner: He is talking about the time when he was lowering his boat. The Attorney-General: Yes. I am sure there is evidence. 5477. (Mr. Cotter - To the Witness.) How long was it from when she struck till you lowered boat 14. Can you give us some idea? - Well, in my own estimation I should say it was about 1 or a quarter past 1. 5478. That would be thirty-five minutes after she struck? - Yes. 5479. And she had a list to port then. Did your boat catch the ship’s side at all going down? - No. 5480. She was clear all the way. Are there any foreigners in the stewards’ department of the “Titanic”? - Yes. 5481. Many? - No, one or two, not many. The Commissioner: I do not know what the point is; what you asked the question for. What is the point of it? Mr. Cotter: I want to point out, my Lord, that there were Italians and Germans in this crew. The Commissioner: But what is the point, supposing there were? Mr. Cotter: The point is they would not understand orders if they got them. 5482. (The Attorney-General.) If your Lordship will look at page 104, question 4054, you will find one question yesterday put to the Electrician. I will read it: “We climbed up the davit and down the boat falls, and I got into a boat, and Scott dropped into the water.” Your Lordship remembers that: “(2) You are speaking of the port side, as I understand? - (A.) Yes, port side. (2) Did you notice at all whether there was any list on the ship at this time? - (A.) There was a slight
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