Page 107 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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that was the cause of the white head mast light flickering. 7795. (Mr. Robertson Dunlop.) How long have you been at sea? - Three and a half years. 7796. And have you seen passenger steamers? - Yes. 7797. Large passenger steamers? - Yes. 7798. And medium-size steamers? - Yes. 7799. Seen them at night? - Yes. 7800. And have you been able to tell the difference between a large liner like the “Titanic” and a tramp? - Yes. 7801. From the appearance of her lights? - Yes. 7802. From the height of her lights? - No, from the quantity. (The Witness withdrew.) HERBERT STONE, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 7803. What certificate do you hold? - A first mate’s steamship certificate. 7804. And on the 14th of April this year were you serving on board the “Californian”? - Yes. 7805. What were you? - Second Officer. 7806. And on the night of the 14th of April was it your watch from 12 o’clock onwards? - It was. 7807. From 12 to 4? - Yes. 7808. Did you go on watch at midnight? - Shortly after. 7809. Did you find the ship stopped and surrounded by ice? - Yes. 7810. Was the captain up? - Yes. 7811. Did you speak to him? - Yes. 7812. Did he tell you anything? - Yes. 7813. What did he tell you? - He told me the ship was stopped, surrounded by ice, and he pointed out another steamer. 7814. He pointed out another steamer. What could you see of the other steamer? - One masthead light and a red sidelight and two or three small indistinct lights. 7815. Did he say anything to you when he pointed her out? - He asked me to tell him if the bearing of the steamer altered or if she got any closer to us. 7816. Is that all he said about her? - And that the Third Officer had called her up on the Morse lamp and received no reply. 7817. He told you that? - Yes. 7818. Did you look and see these lights yourself? - Yes. 7819. How far away did you judge they were? - Approximately about five miles. 7820. And how were they bearing from you at this time? - S.S.E. by the standard compass. 7821. Did the captain then leave you? - I went on the bridge and left the captain. 7822. I suppose you relieved the other officer and took charge? - Yes. 7823. Did the third officer make any communication to you about this steamer when you relieved him? - He told me the steamer had stopped about one bell and that he had called her up on the Morse lamp and got no answer. 7824. Did you continue to keep this vessel under observation? - The whole time. 7825. Was there any reason for that? - None whatever except that it was another ship, stopped in ice the same as ourselves. 7826. It interested you? - Yes.
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