Page 106 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 106
7760. You could see stars? - Yes. 7761. You mean stars from the rockets? - Yes. 7762. Were they stars of any colour or were they white stars? - White stars. 7763. Do you know that a distress signal, the regulation distress signal, is a rocket throwing stars? - Yes. 7764. You knew that? - Yes. 7765. (The Commissioner.) And you knew it then, did you? - Yes. 7766. (Mr. Laing.) And each of those rockets which you saw, which you have described as white rockets, were they throwing stars? - All throwing stars. 7767. You have told us your ship’s head was E. N. E. when you first saw this vessel? - Yes. 7768. And you saw her red light on your starboard beam? - Yes. 7769. Did you continue to see her red light? - Yes, it was about 2 points on the starboard bow. 7770. When the officer told you she was going away to the S. W. were you still seeing her red light? - No, it had disappeared then. 7771. Did you ever see her green? - No. 7772. To show you her red light she must have been heading to the northward of N. N. W., on your story? - Yes. 7773. And your head was falling away; which way? - To northward. 7774. To northward and westward? - Northward and eastward. 7775. You were heading E. N. E.? - Yes - to northward and westward. 7776. To the northward it was at any rate, and if you pass to northward you would get to the northward and west? - Yes. 7777. I understand you to say you got to W. S. W.? - Yes. 7778. What was causing that? - We were swinging round. 7779. You told us you never saw the green light of this vessel? - No. Mr. Robertson Dunlop: May I ask one question? Examined by Mr. ROBERTSON DUNLOP. 7780. Was the glare of light which you saw on the afterpart of this vessel forward or aft of the masthead light? - Abaft the masthead light. 7781. So that you would be seeing her starboard side? - No, her port side. 7782. The glare of light which you say was aft, was aft of the masthead lights? - Yes. 7783. Was that to your left or your right as you were looking at her? - To the right. 7784. Do you mean the masthead light was to the right? - No, the masthead light was to the left. 7785. Was that before you saw her apparently steaming to the south-west? - Yes. 7786. Did you see her turn round? - No. 7787. Had you a good opportunity of seeing whether she had two masthead lights or not - I understand you only saw one? - I only saw one. 7788. How long had you the one masthead light under observation? - From the time I first saw her to the time she disappeared. 7789. How long would that be? - A quarter-past twelve to five past two. 7790. And during that time were you using glasses? - Yes. 7791. Do you think you could have missed the second masthead light had it been there? - No. 7792. Had you a discussion with the Second Officer as to whether this vessel was a tramp or not? - Yes. 7793. And did he agree with you? - Yes. 7794. (The Commissioner.) Did he give his reason? - That she was probably burning oil lights;
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