Page 105 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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7734. Could you see how many funnels she had? - No. The Commissioner: He could not see that; he could only see the lights. 7735. (Mr. Harbinson.) You used the expression that the Second Officer, Mr. Stone, told you she steamed away? - She slowly steamed away towards the S. W. 7736. Did he use the words “steamed away”? - Yes. 7737. Did he say he saw her? - He said, “She is steaming slowly away towards the S. W.” 7738. Steaming away? - Yes. 7739. Towards the S.W.? - Yes. 7740. Did you fix your glasses on her at this time? - Yes, I was signaling her continuously. 7741. Could you see whether she was steaming away? - No. The Second Officer was taking bearings of her all the time. 7742. (The Commissioner.) The message he sent you with was that she disappeared? - Yes. 7743. (Mr. Harbinson.) Not that she steamed away, but disappeared? - Yes. 7744. The Captain made no reply? - He asked me if there were any colours in the lights, or were they all white. 7745. You saw no coloured rockets? - No. 7746. As a matter of fact is not there a code of rockets for use at sea? Do you know as a matter of fact whether there is or is not? - I know now there are only distress rockets used at sea and private signals used near the shore. 7747. And what colour are distress rockets? - White - any colour at all. 7748. Did you say anything to the Second Officer, Mr. Stone, or did he say anything to you, with reference to these rockets that were repeatedly sent up? - Yes. 7749. Did not you think it very curious that so many rockets should be sent up so close to one another? - Yes. 7750. Did you say anything to him about going to see the Captain and saying this seemed to be a serious matter? - No, he told me he had reported it to the Captain and the Captain had told him to keep calling her up. 7751. Did Mr. Stone say this vessel seemed to be in distress? - No; he said there must be something the matter with her. 7752. Did he make any remarks to you as to the Captain taking no action? Did he say anything to you at the time? - No. 7753. Are you sure? - Yes. 7754. (The Commissioner.) Did you say anything to yourself about it? - I only thought the same that he thought. 7755. What was that? - That a ship is not going to fire rockets at sea for nothing, and there must be something the matter with her. 7756. Then you thought it was a case of some kind of distress? - Yes. The Commissioner: We are anxious to get the other witnesses from this steamer into the box, and unless you have something really important, I suggest you should finish. Mr. Harbinson: I have finished, my Lord. Mr. Clement Edwards: I have no question. Mr. Lewis: I have no question. Examined by Mr. LAING. 7757. I should like to ask one question. Did you hear any explosive signal? - No. 7758. Were those rockets which you saw go up explosives? Did you hear any explosion? - I did not hear any report at all. 7759. Any stars? - Yes.
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