Page 103 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 103
7675. Can you help us about it; tell us if you can. What was it about her after-lights, this glare of lights in the afterpart, which made you think they were not the same as before? What was the difference? - That I cannot say. 7676. Were they in the same position as they were before? - They were in the same position, but they seemed to look different. 7677. They merely seemed to look different? - Yes. 7678. Did you think from looking at them that the ship was lying on an even keel? - Not by the white lights alone. 7679. You mean the white lights would not have suggested to you that she was not lying on an even keel? - No. 7680. (The Commissioner.) Am I to understand that, as far as you could tell, the position of the white lights had not changed? - They seemed to have changed, but I cannot say how. 7681. Changed in what sense? How had they changed? - They did not look the same as they did before. 7682. I know; you have said that two or three times, and you have been asked what the difference was, and I should have thought you could have told us what the difference was. What was it? - I cannot say, my Lord. 7683. (The Solicitor-General.) Were they shining as brightly as they were before? - The same glare. 7684. Then it had nothing to do with the brightness of the lights? - No. 7685. But though the lights were of the same brightness, it struck you that they looked different somehow? - Yes. 7686. Cannot you tell us what the difference was? - No. 7687. You have told us about this red light, that you thought it was higher out of the water? - Yes. 7688. Did you look to see whether these after-lights seemed higher up out of the water, or lower in the water? - I noticed them all at the same time. 7689. What, the red light and the others too? - Yes. 7690. And do you mean that the white light seemed higher out of the water as well as the red light? - Yes. 7691. Did the Second Officer say anything to you about the white lights? - No. 7692. Or you say anything to him? - No. 7693. Then I understand the red light disappeared; you did not see that any more? - No. 7694. And the white lights continued to burn for a little time afterwards and then they disappeared; is that right? - Yes. 7695. I do not think you did give evidence in America, did you? - No. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 7696. Did you know when the rockets were being sent up that they were being sent up as danger signals? - No. 7697. What did you think they were sent up for? - I thought they were some private signals. 7698. Who told you they were private signals? - Nobody told me. 7699. Had you ever seen private signals of that kind? - No. 7700. And never heard of private signals of that kind? - I have heard of private rockets, private signal rockets. 7701. When you came on deck, was the Third Officer there? - No, he had gone below. 7702. I understand you could not say whether or not the light was a masthead light or a signal light, until you took the glasses? - Yes.
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