Page 102 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 102
7645. (The Commissioner.) When did you first make that statement to anybody - the statement that you have just made that you were told to look through the glasses, to observe this list? When did you first tell anybody of that? - This is the first time. 7646. You never told it till now in the witness-box? - I have spoken to the Second Officer about it since; that is all. 7647. But you have had a statement taken from you, have you not? - Yes. 7648. Did you say anything about it when you made the statement? - I do not think so. The Commissioner: I suppose he did not? The Solicitor-General: We have asked a good many things, my Lord, which are not to be found in the statements. The Commissioner: I could tell quite well, you know, that he had never said it before. 7649. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) Have you a clear recollection of that? - Yes. 7650. Just tell us. You say the Second Officer spoke to you about it; what did he say? - He said, “Have a look at her now, Gibson; she seems to look queer now.” 7651. You have not said anything about her port light yet, you know; did he say anything more? - No; I told him, “She looks rather to have a big side out of the water.” 7652. Did you tell him what you noticed with the glasses about her port light? - I do not recollect. 7653. Did he speak to you about her port light? - No. The Commissioner: I do not understand. 7654. (The Solicitor-General.) Just think it over and tell us as well as you can. You were asked by the second officer to look through the glasses at the ship? - Yes. 7655. And I think you told me that when he asked you to look at her through the glasses he said that she looked queer? - Yes. 7656. Did he tell you why she looked queer? - No. 7657. Just think a minute; do not hurry about it? - No. 7658. Had you noticed that she looked queer before he spoke to you about it? - No. 7659. You had not. Then you looked through the glasses? - Yes. 7660. And when you looked through the glasses what was it you saw? What was it that struck you? - That she seemed to be heavily listed to starboard. 7661. You were looking at her port light? - Yes. 7662. What did you see about her port light? - It seemed to be higher out of the water than what it was before. 7663. Did, you tell the Second Officer that you saw that? - I do not recollect it. 7664. Let us see. Had he got some glasses too? - Yes. 7665. Was he looking through his glasses? - I could not say. 7666. You were there, you know. - Yes, but it is dark on the bridge. 7667. Did not you say anything to him about what you noticed, about her red light? - I said she seemed to have a big side out of the water. 7668. Did he agree with you or did he not? - Yes. 7669. He did agree with you? - Yes. 7670. When you looked at this ship’s red light and thought that it seemed queer, did you also look at her lights in the afterpart of her? - Yes. 7671. How did they stand in relation to the red light? - They did not seem to be the same as they were before. 7672. They did not seem to be the same as they were before? - No. 7673. You noticed that? - Yes. 7674. Did you mention that to the second officer that you saw that her after lights did not seem the same as they were before? - No; I do not think I said anything at all about it.
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