Page 101 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 101
No. 7616. Then what did you understand, that she had steamed away through the ice? - [No Answer.] 7617. (The Solicitor-General.) I want to follow out this last message and see what it means. You were to tell the Captain, and you did tell him, that this ship had disappeared to the S.W.? - Yes. 7618. And that your own ship was heading W.S.W.? - Yes. 7619. So that when this ship disappeared she was lying a little on your port bow? - Yes. 7620. You see this piece of paper I am holding up. I call the top the north, here is the west, and here is the south. The S.W. is at this corner. If you were in the middle of the paper she disappeared to your S.W.? - Yes. 7621. And you were heading W.S.W.? - Yes. 7622. Now, shortly before that had this ship which had disappeared been lying on your starboard bow? - Yes. 7623. So that you were more like that (demonstrating.)? - Yes. 7624. And as you swung round so that she passed from being on your starboard bow to being on your port bow, did you continue to see her sidelight or did her sidelight disappear? - Her sidelight disappeared. 7625. That is her red light? - Yes. 7626. And after her red light disappeared could you still see her masthead light or her white light? - Just a glare of it. 7627. Do you mean that it did not shine as brightly as it had been doing? - Yes. 7628. That is what you mean? - Yes. 7629. Did you look at her through the glasses after her sidelight had disappeared? - Yes. 7630. Did you ever see anything which you took for her stern light? - No. 7631. One other thing about the lights. You have told us how you saw her through your glasses and saw the glare of lights in her afterpart? - Yes. 7632. When you saw her first. Now, tell me, when you first saw that glare of lights in the afterpart, could you see a line of lights? - No. 7633. It was more than a single light, was it not? - Yes. 7634. Could not you tell, when you first saw it, whether that glare of lights in her afterpart was running level with the water? - No. 7635. You could not tell. But, at any rate, you could see it through the glasses? - Yes. 7636. Now I wish you would just try and tell us what you mean when you say that later on, when you looked at her through the glasses, you thought she had a list, or you thought her lights looked queer; what was there about her lights to make you think that? - Her sidelights seemed to be higher out of the water. 7637. The sidelights seemed to be higher out of the water? - Yes. 7638. Do you mean that there was any time when you saw both sidelights? - Her red sidelight. 7639. And you say that watching her, you thought that her red sidelight did not stay at the same level, but got higher? - Yes. 7640. That was your impression was it? - Yes. The Commissioner: That would make a list to starboard? 7641. (The Solicitor-General.) Is that why you thought she had got a list to starboard? - Yes. 7642. You thought her red light was rising out of the water, and so you assumed that the other side was dropping? - Yes. 7643. Did you call the Second Officer’s attention to that? - Yes; he remarked it at the time; he told me to look through the glasses at it. 7644. He told you to look through the glasses at that very thing? - Yes.
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