Page 10 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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5428. Were you in any other company before that? - No. 5429. Have you ever taken part in boat drill? - I have. 5430. Or bulkhead drill or fire drill? - Yes. 5431. Can you tell us whether there were any hand bulkhead doors on board the “Titanic,” and where were they situated, to your knowledge? - There were some in the working alleyway. 5432. You know where the third-class dining-rooms are? - Yes. 5433. Were there any bulkhead doors, separating those dining-rooms, in the alleyways leading from one section to another? - Yes. 5434. What deck are those bulkhead doors on? - Some on E deck in the working alleyway on the port side, and the starboard side I believe, where the first-class passengers were, and some on F deck. 5435. You know where they are? - Yes. 5436. Where were you when the ship struck? - We were asleep. 5437. In the glory hole? - Yes. 5438. Were you in your bunk? - I was; I was asleep. 5439. Did anybody come and tell you there had been an accident? - The saloon steward came and woke us and said, “She has hit something.” 5440. Were there any orders from the Second Steward or the Chief Steward? - From the Second Steward. He came in about 10 minutes after. 5441. That is Mr. Dodd? - Yes. 5442. What did he say? - “All go up on deck and take a lifebelt with you.” 5443. Did he suggest you should stand by your boats? - I never heard him give that order. He gave us orders: “All up on the boat deck.” 5444. The “Titanic” carries a bugler, I suppose? - Yes. 5445. Did you hear the bugle going at all, giving the call, “all hands to the boats”? - No. 5446. You would understand it if you had heard it? - We would have understood it all right. 5447. There was no call given? - No. 5448. Did you see the Chief Steward? - No. 5449. You did not see the Chief Steward? - No. 5450. Did you see the storekeeper? - Thompson? I saw one storekeeper. 5451. Did he say anything about coming down to the storeroom, as something had happened? - I heard him tell some of the fellows to come to the storeroom and get biscuits. 5452. That is the duty of several stewards, providing they know their duties, and have had them told them, to go down to the storeroom to get biscuits to store the boats? - That is on the lifeboat list, I believe. 5453. Did any of them go down there to your knowledge? - Well, I believe there were a lot down there; I could not swear. I met some going down on the way. 5454. When you got on deck what did you see with regard to women and children? - I saw them all standing round the lifeboats. 5455. Many? - I could not swear to the number. 5456. Who was in charge; who did you see in charge, an officer or who? - I never saw any officer; I was not taking as much notice as that. 5457. Was there nobody giving orders at all on the boat deck? - I heard an officer shouting. 5458. What did he shout? - “Get the boats clear.” 5459. Who told you to go down to the baker’s shop for bread? - The Second Steward. 5460. Where was he when he told you that? - In the companion that leads from the deck up to the top deck. 5461. The man’s companion? - Oh, no. 5462. The second cabin companion? - No, a working companion leading from E deck right
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