Page 52 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 32 - 36
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come up? - (A.) Well, I could tell by the bedroom stewards. I saw them, driving, and I saw Mr. Ismay try to drive a few, and he had a pair of slippers on and his dust coat, and he was trying to get the women, and they would not go in for him into our boat. (Q.) That was on the boat deck. I am talking about down below - the third class quarters? - (A.) I was not down there, and I could not tell you. (The Commissioner.) This witness was not down below in the third class quarters. (Mr. Cotter.) He states there was a steward sent down there, and he also states that the women would not come up. (The Commissioner.) I suppose he only says that because he only saw some women come up. Some certainly did come up and got into his boat. (Mr. Cotter.) You are not sure what was going on down below? - (A.) No.” Then, on page 100, Dillon gives two answers bearing on this question, at Question 3838, “Can you point out what was the situation on the ship of the boat that you saw leave, the last boat? - (A.) No. (The Commissioner.) It was on the port side, I understand. The boat that you saw leave, the last boat, was on the port side? - (A.) They sung out it was the last boat. (Q.) Whichever it was, was it on the port side of the “Titanic”? - (A.) Yes, my Lord. (Q.) And was it in the forward part or aft? - (A.) I do not know, my Lord. (Q.) Were you on the after well deck when you saw it? - (A.) Yes, my Lord, I heard an order - the last boat was leaving the ship - ‘Any more women there?’ and we chased them up the ladder. (Q.) After that boat left did you see a number of passengers standing about still? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) Any women? - (A.) No (Q.) I did not quite hear the answer you gave just now. You said something about chasing women up the ladder? - (A.) There were two women on the well deck when we got up from below, and we heard the order - the last boat was leaving the ship - ‘Are there any more women there?’ and we chased them up the ladder. (Q.) Up to the boat deck? - (A.) Yes, I suppose they went up there. (Q.) And those were the women you saw there on the well deck? - (A.) Two women.” Then he went up himself on the boat deck and describes what took place. On page 140, Joughin, at Question 5951, is asked, “Now tell us about No. 10, in order. What happened? - (A.) It was swung out; the stewards, firemen, and sailors all got in a line. We passed the ladies and children through. (Q.) Into No. 10? - (A.) Into No. 10. Then we got it about half- full, and then we had difficulty in finding ladies for it. They ran away from the boat, and said they were safer where they were. (Q.) You heard ladies saying that? - (A.) I am sure of that. (The Commissioner.) When the boat was half-full we had difficulty in finding more ladies? - (A.) Right, Sir. (Q.) ‘They ran away, saying they were safer where they were’? - (A.) Yes. (The Solicitor-General.) Up to this time, could you tell me, had you seen any third class passengers - women from the third class? - (A.) Yes, Sir, plenty. (Q.) So far as you saw, was any distinction made between the different classes - first class ladies or second class ladies or third class ladies? - (A.) None at all. (Q.) Of course, at ordinary times this boat deck is a first class deck, a promenade, is it not? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) And the third class people would not get on to it? - (A.) It is railed off just from the boats, and the saloon passengers use it as a sunning deck. (Q.) But at this time were there any barriers up? - (A.) No.” The barriers were all taken down. Then the same witness, at Question 5981: “(Q.) Now, just let us go back to boat No. 10 and finish it. You said that when it was about half-full with women you could not find more women to pass along the line and put into the boat? - (A.) We had difficulty in finding them. (Q.) What was done; what happened? - (A.) I myself and three or four other chaps went on the next deck and forcibly brought up women and children. (Q.) You went down to the A deck? - (A.) Yes, to the A deck. (Q.) And you mean you brought them up to the boat deck? - (A.) Brought them up to the boat deck - there are only about ten stairs to go up. (Q.) Did not they want to go? - (A.) No, sir. They were all sitting - squatting down on the deck. (Q.) And you and three or four others brought them up? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) Did you put them into the boat? - (A.) We threw them in. The boat was standing off about a yard and a half from the ship’s side, with a slight list. We could not put them in; we could either hand them in or just drop them in.”
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