Page 214 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 32 - 36
P. 214
It only remains for me to say to your Lordship, if I may respectfully say so, that the latitude which you have seen fit to allow during the course of this case, so that all questions might be asked which would be of the slightest use, has had this effect, that it has very much narrowed the range of controversy, when we get to the end of the Enquiry. The result of it has been that on many of the points it has been shown quite clearly there can be no dispute, and that there is nothing, therefore, into which your Lordship would have to enquire closely for the purpose of making your Report. The points at issue have been very much narrowed. The result of it has been that, in any event, everything has been put before this Court, and I hope that your Lordship will be satisfied of that, that all the evidence that can have been of use to you has been presented to you, and certainly, as far as the Board of Trade is concerned, that all the material which can be of any value has been put before you. With that, and thanking your Lordship, and thanking your Lordship in all earnestness and sincerity for the patience with which you have listened to this long Enquiry, I leave the matter to your Lordship for your Report. The Commissioner: Very well. Thank you, Mr. Attorney. I will try to get this Report out in reasonable time. (Adjourned sine die.)
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