Page 45 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 27 - 31
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25556. (The Commissioner.) You did not see the additional lights yourself, the sidelight? - I saw the masthead lights. 25557. Did you see the lights your officer spoke of? - I saw the masthead lights myself, but not the sidelight. 25558. What time was it? - About a quarter-past three. 25559. And how was the light bearing? - About 2 points on the starboard bow. 25560. On your starboard bow? - On my starboard bow; that would be about N. 30, W. true. 25561. I should like to ask you one or two questions. When the boats came up, or when you got alongside the boats, were the people in the boats wearing lifebelts? - Everyone we saw in the boats was wearing a lifebelt. 25562. Can you give me any idea what the thickness of these lifebelts is? - About 4 inches - 3 to 4 inches. The Attorney-General: We can produce one, if your Lordship wishes. 25563. (The Commissioner.) No, that is quite sufficient. I am asking for this reason. It is said by, at all events, one of the Witnesses that one reason why the lifeboats did not carry more than they in fact carried, was that all the people in the lifeboats were wearing lifebelts, and you cannot stow them so closely as you could stow people without lifebelts. I suppose there is some truth in it? - There is some truth in that. 25564. You saw the passengers that you landed at New York, and must have conversed a good deal with them? - No. 25565. Did you not? -No, I did not speak to half a dozen passengers the whole time. 25566. Did you hear no explanation at all as to why these boats were not better filled? - No. The only explanation I got was when the boats first left the “Titanic” the people really would not be put in the boats; they did not want to go in, and I understand that some of the boats that left first had fewer people in. That is all I know about it. 25567. That is what I wanted to know. You heard that explanation given yourself? - Yes. 25568. I wish you would tell us again what you know about the collapsible boats. There were four collapsible boats on board the “Titanic”? - Yes. 25569. How many came alongside your ship, or did you get alongside of? - Two. 25570. Did you see any collapsible boat adrift? - We saw one adrift bottom up amongst the wreckage of the “Titanic.” 25571. Then you only know of three boats? - We only know of three collapsible boats. 25572. As to what became of the other boat you know nothing? - Nothing whatever, my Lord. 25573. What condition were those collapsible boats in that you did come alongside of? - In perfect condition. 25574. There were people in them, I suppose? - Oh, yes, they were full. Both the collapsible boats we took alongside were full of people. The Commissioner: Thank you very much for your evidence. (The Witness withdrew.) GERHARD CHRISTOFER AFFELD, Sworn. Examined by Mr. ROWLATT. 25575. Are you the Marine Superintendent of the Red Star Line? - I am. 25576. Is that a Belgian line of steamships? - Yes. 25577. You live in Belgium? - Yes. 25578. They sail from Antwerp to New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, do not
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