Page 24 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 27 - 31
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25299. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) I believe the other matter to which you have applied your mind is marking the profile plan at various places where according to the evidence the water entered the ship. Is that right? - It has not been marked yet; I have undertaken to do it. It is marked on the model. Mr. Butler Aspinall: In order to do that, I suppose what he would want are some steps and a paint brush, or something. I do not know whether your Lordship wants him to do it now? The Commissioner: Oh, yes; we have plenty of time. Mr. Butler Aspinall - To the Witness: Will you do it now? 25300. (The Commissioner.) First of all, tell me where those points are marked upon the model? - They are marked here on the model, my Lord. (Indicating.) The blue marks the hole. A piece of ice has been assumed to break off and fill the part of the space marked in red. The white paper round the blue indicates the extent of the probable denting, in the middle of which was the hole. 25301. (The Commissioner.) The blue marks the hole? - Yes. 25302. Through which the water would come? - Yes. 25303. The red marks the hole plugged? - Yes, by the piece of ice. 25304. And there are five altogether? - Yes, five altogether. I may say the after one corresponds to that damage which is not absolutely proved, but which was under discussion, in No. 4 boiler room. 25305. Now you might go with some red paint and mark the plan? - I could do it now of course, or I could do it before Friday. 25306. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Your Lordship has already indicated that you wanted him to do it now; the Witness did not hear that. The Witness: I did not understand his Lordship wanted me to do it now. Sir Robert Finlay: I am not sure we have red paint handy. The Commissioner: I think we can make these marks upon our own plans from the model. Mr. Butler Aspinall: If your Lordship pleases. The Commissioner: Therefore I do not think it is necessary. Sir Robert Finlay: It might be convenient, my Lord, if it were done on this small model which has been shown. It is very handy. Your lordship recollects it. The Commissioner: Yes. Sir Robert Finlay: It will be convenient if Mr. Wilding puts it upon that. The Commissioner: Yes, then he need not trouble about the other plan. Mr. Edwards: May I ask Mr. Wilding one or two questions, to clear up certain things? The Commissioner: Yes. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 25307. You were asked by the Surveyor of the Board of Trade to trunk the spiral staircase? - Yes. 25308. If you had carried out that request of the Board of Trade, what difference would that have made on the volume of water in the area of the spiral staircase, do you think? - I do not quite take your question; either I have not heard it all, or something. Is it in the correspondence? 25309. You were requested by the Surveyor of the Board of Trade to trunk the spiral staircase? - Yes, pardon me, the lower part is trunked already, you know. 25310. Up to where is it trunked? - Up to G deck, I think; it is marked on the big plan there. 25311. They wanted you to trunk it up to the saloon deck, did they not? - I think that point was raised at one time. 25312. Supposing that recommendation had been carried out, what difference, in your view,
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