Page 231 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 27 - 31
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ice” - that is the man on the forecastle head - “to have a man right in the bows like that? - (A.) Well, I do not know, this is my first experience of field ice. I think I saw the ice myself before they did.” The Commissioner: He means from the bridge, I suppose. Sir Robert Finlay: Yes. Then on page 164, Question 7100, Mr. Scanlan, who is very strong upon this point, puts this Question. The Commissioner: That is the fog and the haze again. Sir Robert Finlay: Yes. In a fog and a haze. That extends to 7102, and I need not read that. Then at page 166, Question 7172, Mr. Harbinson says to Mr. Lord, “Now I want to put a further question to you about the look-out men. You have a crow’s-nest on your boat? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) Is it an able-bodied seaman you keep posted there usually? - (A.) Yes, always. (Q.) Is it a most responsible position? - (A.) Oh, I suppose it is. (Q.) To detect danger ahead? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) Do you think that the responsibility of that position would be better satisfied if a junior officer was also posted in the crow’s-nest along with the able-bodied seamen? - (A.) Do you mean in my own ship? (Q.) In any ship. I ask you now from your general experience as a captain and a seagoing man? - (A.) No. If you have an officer on the bridge, I think that is quite sufficient.” Then on page 167, Question 7251, in answer to myself he says this: “(Q.) Now with regard to your own vessel, where is the best point for a look-out, on the stem or the crow’s-nest, in your vessel? - (A.) The man in the crow’s-nest on a clear day would see a light further than a man on the forecastle head of the ship would; but sometimes in hazy weather it is possible to see better from the forecastle head than it is from the crow’s-nest. (Q.) And with regard to ice, where would that be best seen from? - (A.) On a clear night I think you would see just as well from the crow’s-nest as you would from the foc’sle head. (Q.) You had one man only in the crow’s-nest? - (A.) One only. (Q.) And one only on the stem? - (A-) On the foc’sle. (Q.) As a matter of fact, I think you said that you saw the ice before either of them? - (A.) I reversed the engines myself before they reported it. Just as they were reporting it I had reversed the engines.” Then Mr. Moore, at page 208, Questions 9267 to 9276, says this: I may have read them because I read a great deal of Mr. Moore. My friend Mr. Laing thinks I read this. The Commissioner: Well, you did not. Take Question 9270. Sir Robert Finlay: “(Q.) If you expect to see ice, do you double the look-out? - (A.) Oh, yes. (Q.) When you double the look-out, just explain to my Lord what you do? - (A.) Put an extra hand on the forecastle head, besides the look-out in the crow’s-nest. (Q.) In ordinary circumstances have you two men in the crow’s-nest? - (A.) Only one. (Q.) And one on the forecastle head? - (A.) Yes or on the forward bridge. We have a look-out on the forward bridge. (The Commissioner.) Not in ordinary circumstances. (Mr. Scanlan.) No. (To the Witness.) In ordinary circumstances have you any man stationed at the forecastle head? - (A.) No. (Q.) Supposing there was ice ahead of you would you double the look-out? - (A.) Certainly. (Mr. Scanlan.) I think your Lordship will observe that I want to make this point, that in any circumstances of danger there should be a look-out man on the forecastle head as well as in the crow’s-nest. (The Commissioner.) I understand that point. (Mr. Scanlan.) Supposing there happened to be a haze ahead, would you then put a look-out man on the forecastle head? - (A.) Yes.” Then on page 210, Question 9396, “(Mr. Laing.) With regard to the look-outs, do you put a man on the look-out on the forecastle head in foggy weather? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) And hazy weather? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) Weather in which you blow your whistle; is that what you mean? - (A.) Even when we do not. When it is really necessary to blow the whistle we always put a man in the crow’s-nest, and when we meet ice we put a man forward on the look-out on the forecastle head. (Q.) That is in hazy weather? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) Do you usually carry one man in the crow’s-nest? -
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