Page 21 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 27 - 31
P. 21
The Commissioner: Who are the other two Witnesses? Mr. Butler Aspinall: They are both Allan Line Captains, and they both give the same evidence. The Commissioner: May we take it they say the same? Mr. Butler Aspinall: They do according to their proofs. The Commissioner: Give me their names. Mr. Butler Aspinall: John Alexander Fairfull, who has held an ordinary Master’s certificate since 1873, and been in command of Allan liners for 21 years. The other man is Andrew Braes, who is a retired master mariner, and holds an Extra Master’s certificate, and who has commanded steamers of the Allan Line for 17 years. The Commissioner: Perhaps you had better put them formally into the box and swear them, and ask them if they agree with the previous evidence. JOHN ALEXANDER FAIRFULL, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 25269. Are you a retired master mariner? - Yes. 25270. For 21 years were you sailing in command of Allan Line steamships across the Atlantic? - Yes. 25271. Have you heard the evidence of the last two gentlemen? - I have. 25272. Is your practice in accordance with theirs? - All except that when we get to the ice track in an Allan steamer, besides having a look-out in the crow’s-nest, we put a man on the stem head at night. 25273. (The Commissioner.) I do not hear what you are saying. The Witness: Besides having a look-out in the crow’s-nest in crossing the ice track, I put a man on the stem head at night. 25274. Whether it is clear or not? - Yes. The Commissioner: Mr. Aspinall, is the next one going to say something different? Mr. Butler Aspinall: No, my Lord, as far as I know. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 25275. Were you crossing the Atlantic on the 14th of April? - We were. 25276. In what vessel? - In the “Tunisian.” 25277. Did you get a message about ice? - Yes. I am not very sure. I could not remember whether we got a report from any other ships, but after we got clear of the ice our report was made out and given to the operators, and he gave it to every ship with which he got into communication. 25278. Do you remember a message from the “Canada,” or sent by you to the “Canada”? - I know the communication with the “Canada,” Sir Robert, but I could not tell you what the message was. 25279. What time was it that you had communications with the “Canada”? It was some time in the morning if I remember rightly? - I would refer to what Captain Jones said in his evidence at page 664, if your Lordship will kindly look at it. The Commissioner: Yes. He said, “On the 9th I had a message from the ‘Tunisian,’” Then he produces it.
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