Page 16 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 27 - 31
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interests. The parties and the Court have always been very tender to the good name and the honour of a dead man. The Commissioner: You heard what Mr. Aspinall says, Mr. Edwards? Mr. Edwards: Yes, my Lord. The Commissioner: And you heard it, Mr. Scanlan? Mr. Scanlan: Yes, my Lord. There was a suggestion in the course of the Enquiry that the look-out men were to blame, and, of course, on that point, in exonerating them, I shall have to make some remarks generally on the question. The Commissioner: Different considerations arise in connection with them, because both of them are alive and have been heard. Mr. Edwards: At this point may I ask formally for the production of the certificate of approval issued by the Board of Trade for the “Titanic,” that is the certificate of approval which shows the point at which the loadline disc had to be placed according to the Board of Trade. The Commissioner: Has not that been put in? Mr. Edwards: I am told that it has been handed to your Lordship, but it is not in the proceedings. The Commissioner: Is it not on the Note? Mr. Edwards: I am not able to trace it, my Lord. Mr. Butler Aspinall: You shall have it. The Commissioner: Take care that Mr. Edwards has it. Mr. Butler Aspinall: Yes, he shall have it at once. Mr. Edwards: We may take it it is in, because I shall want to use it. Mr. Butler Aspinall: With regard to these sea captains, they are very short, and I propose to call them at once. They are very anxious to get away. And then, after that, I will put Mr. Wilding into the box. JOHN PRITCHARD, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 25168. Do you hold a Master’s certificate? - Yes. 25169. Is it an Extra Master’s? - No, an ordinary Master’s. 25170. I believe your last command was the “Mauretania,” was it not? - Yes. 25171. When did you leave her? - Two years last Christmas. 25172. I believe for 18 years you have commanded Cunard steamships sailing between Liverpool and New York? - Yes. 25173. Have you heard the evidence in this case with regard to the weather conditions which existed when the “Titanic” struck? - Yes. 25174. You know them? - Yes. 25175. Now what practice did you follow with regard to maintaining your full speed or reducing your speed, assuming similar conditions, and assuming you had information that there was a probability of your meeting ice on your course? - As long as the weather is clear I always go full speed. 25176. You always have done so? - Yes. 25177. What was the speed of the “Mauretania”? - 26 knots.
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