Page 123 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 27 - 31
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catastrophe than was anticipated in the putting in of those particular bulkheads; whether the speed with which she sank was in any way facilitated by the refusal of the builders to adopt a certain suggestion and recommendation by the Marine Department of the Board of Trade; and whether the Marine Department of the Board of Trade were right in yielding to the objection of the builders in respect of those particular precautionary measures. First of all, as the evidence stands, it is fairly clear, I think, that the brunt of the collision was on the starboard shoulder close to the spiral staircase. It is also perfectly clear that there was some mischief either in the immediate vicinity of the spiral staircase or in the vicinity of the firemen’s passage. It is perfectly clear that in Boiler Section 6 there was a very great deal of mischief; it is also clear that there was some, but slight mischief, in the starboard bunker of Boiler Section 5. So far as the positive evidence goes that is practically all there is to indicate the extent of the mischief. But there is also certain circumstantial evidence, quite reliable, I think, that there was mischief in both No. 1 hold and in No. 2 hold. We have a statement reported to have been made by the carpenter as to the one hold, and you have the evidence, I think it was of Dillon, who saw the tarpaulin over the other hold bellying as if the water was rushing in and forcing the air against the top. We have also certain evidence, and I think perfectly reliable evidence, that for an hour and forty minutes after the accident had happened the watertight doors were opened; immediately after they had been closed they were opened and were left open for an hour and forty minutes from the engine room through to No. 1 Boiler Section through to No. 2 Boiler Section, through to No. 3 Boiler Section and through to No. 4 Boiler Section. The Commissioner: I do not want to interrupt you unduly, but if you can give me the references to the evidence it will assist me. If you find it inconvenient do not stop. Mr. Edwards: It is the evidence of Dillon, my Lord, at page 101 - my examination of Dillon. I asked him, at Question 3913, “From the time that the ship struck until you came back from No. 4 Boiler Section, what time elapsed? - (A.) About an hour and forty minutes. (Q.) At that time some water was coming through in No. 4 Boiler Section? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) As you came back was there any water at all coming in at No. 3 or No. 2, or not? - (A.) No. (Q.) From the time that you left the engine room until you started back from No. 4 Boiler Section what time elapsed? - (A.) From the time I left the engine room till the time I came back from No. 4 Section what time elapsed? (Q.) Yes? - (A.) An hour and ten minutes. (Q.) Did you report to anybody in the engine room that you had seen water coming through in No. 4 Boiler Section? - (A.) No. (Q.) Did anyone report, to your knowledge? - (A.) No, all the engineers were working there. (The Commissioner.) Do you mean by that that they all knew it? - (A.) Yes. (Mr.Edwards.) Did you hear any orders given, before you left, to reclose the watertight doors? - (A.) No.” So that there is that evidence as it stands that for an hour and forty minutes after the accident the watertight doors aft of Nos. 4 and 5 bulkhead were open. Then you have the evidence of Barrett. I am sure your Lordship will recognise that I am getting warm again. You will find his evidence on page 57. The Commissioner: What part of the evidence do you want to refer to? Mr. Edwards: I think it was in the re-examination by the learned Attorney-General. The Attorney-General: If you tell me what it is I can find it. Mr. Edwards: I want the passage where he described how he escaped from No. 5 hold. The Commissioner: It is not in your re-examination, Mr. Attorney, because that is quite short. Sir Robert Finlay: Barrett was recalled at page 66. The Commissioner: Is it Question 2038, Mr. Edwards? Mr. Edwards: Would your Lordship mind reading it; I have not it at the moment. The Commissioner: I will. He describes how Shepherd broke his leg, you remember. Mr. Edwards: Yes, it was some time subsequent to that. The Commissioner: “(Q.) 2032. He broke his leg? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) What did you do with him? -
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