Page 91 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
P. 91
Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 23650. (Mr. Scanlan.) There is one point I wish to ask this Witness. (To the Witness.) In clear weather what distance ahead can you see an iceberg at night? - It depends upon the light. If it is a moonlight night you might be able to see it six to twelve miles. 23651. Supposing it is not moonlight, but the stars are clear? - I should say at the very least a mile and a half to two miles. 23652. You would not say six or seven? - No, it depends on the berg, too. 23653. And what provision had you for a look-out on your ship? - Two men on the look-out. 23654. Where? - One in the crow’s-nest and one on the stem head. 23655. Was your one man on the stem head put on at night? - Yes, he was put on that night just as we got on to the ice track. 23656. Did you consider it a proper precaution to put a man at the stem head when ice was reported? - It had been always our custom; we have always done that for the last twenty-seven years. 23657. At night? - Yes. 23658. Whether ice is reported or not? - In the ice track. 23659. Are your look-out men supplied with binoculars? - No, they are not. 23660. Not in the crow’s-nest? - No. 23661. (The Commissioner.) Nor at the stem head? - No, my Lord. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 23662. Your boats are controlled by the International Mercantile Marine? - Yes. 23663. Have you any sailing directions? - Yes. 23664. Do they say anything about navigation in the ice region? - Yes. 23665. Have you a copy of them with you? - No, I have not. 23666. Can you remember broadly what these directions are? - We have special instructions with regard to ice. 23667. What are they? - I deviate according to my own discretion to avoid ice. 23668. You have a general discretion with regard to the navigation of a ship under any circumstances, have you not? - Yes. 23669. Can you remember what are the particular directions with regard to ice? - Yes, we have instructions to deviate from our course. 23670. You have instructions to deviate? - Yes. 23671. Under what circumstances? - To avoid ice. 23672. Are there any special circumstances set forth in the directions under which you may deviate? - If ice is reported? 23673. If ice is reported? - Yes. 23674. Is it possible to get a copy? Is your ship in London now? - No, she is in Liverpool. The Commissioner: I have no doubt a copy of the sailing directions can be obtained at the office of the International Marine. The Attorney-General: We have got that, my Lord. Sir Robert Finlay: I believe it has this direction. The Commissioner: Will you read it? (To the Witness.) Just listen and see if it is the sailing direction. 23675. (Sir Robert Finlay.) This is supplied to me as an extract from the instructions given to the Commanders in the Canadian service respecting field ice: “Field ice may be met off the eastern end of the Bank across the Bank and along the south coast of Newfoundland. Thin ice is
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