Page 50 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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In fact it is altogether a misnomer to call an Englehardt boat a collapsible boat; it is not a collapsible boat. 23270. (Mr. Scanlan.) The Englehardt boats were, I think, recommended by the Board of Trade? - Quite so. 23271. As being suitable boats to carry in addition to the wooden boats? - Undoubtedly, yes. 23271a. If your ideas had been given effect to, that is, if you had 26 boats with a capacity of - The Commissioner: 600 cubic feet? 23272. (Mr. Scanlan.) Yes. (To the Witness.) 600 cubic feet would give carrying capacity according to your scale for 60 persons? - Yes. 23273. Then you would have provided for 1,560 in your wooden boats? - Yes. 23274. And in your Englehardt boats how many would you give to each? - I did not recommend any Englehardt boats. The Board of Trade Rule with regard to three-fourths of the capacity carried under davits would be added. It did not matter to us whether it was an Englehardt boat or an open boat. 23275. If that is so, I take it you would have 1,560 carried in your wooden boats and three- fourths of that number in that additional accommodation? - Yes. 23276. Will that come to 2,730 altogether? - It will come to 14,350 cubic feet. The Commissioner: I am not following these figures. There are 26 boats under davits. Mr. Scanlan: Yes. The Commissioner: Of a capacity of 600 cubic feet each. Mr. Scanlan: Yes, my Lord. Mr. Laing: That is an error; I am sure there is an error. The Commissioner: There is some mistake. Mr. Laing: He said 8,200 feet capacity. He said 26 boats with a capacity of 8,200 feet. The Commissioner: But that is wrong. Mr. Scanlan: I think we should allow him to give us this information, my Lord. The Commissioner: Oh, by all means. 23277. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) Will you just calculate it yourself? What cubic feet capacity would you have in your 26 boats under davits? - It might be 500 cubic feet or it might be 600 cubic feet. As a Rule shipowners would carry the larger figure, 600. That is the usual practice now. 23278. Will you just calculate what you mean by 26 boats under davits, and then we will get the additional boats? - The boats under davits would be equivalent to 15,600 cubic feet. The Commissioner: Now that seems right. 23279. (Mr. Scanlan.) That will be a carrying capacity for 1,560 persons? - Yes. 23280. Will you work out for me what the three-fourths additional accommodation gives in cubic capacity and in passenger accommodation? - That would bring us up to 27,300 cubic feet. 23281. And the carrying capacity? - 2,730 passengers - with a divisor of 10. 23282. (The Commissioner.) How many do you make the three-fourths? - 11,700. 23283. Then you get a total of 27,300? - Yes. 23284. And how many people would that accommodate? - 2,730. 23285. That is irrespective of the Englehardt boats that might be carried? - That is including the Englehardt or any other boat in addition. 23286. That is included in the 11,700? - They are included in the 27,300. 23287. And they are in fact the 11,700? - Yes. 23288. Supposing all that has been put on board, it would have been more than sufficient for the number of passengers carried on the “Titanic,” but it would not have been nearly sufficient for the number that might have been on the “Titanic”? - I quite agree, my Lord. 23289. (Mr. Scanlan.) The number actually carried, my Lord, is 2,208 or 2,206; that would
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