Page 4 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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application.) MR. C. ROBERTSON DUNLOP watched the proceedings on behalf of the owners and officers of the s.s. “Californian” (Leyland Line). (Admitted on application.) Mr. H. E. DUKE, K. C., M.P., and MR. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (instructed by Messrs. A. F. and R. W. Tweedie) appeared as Counsel on behalf of Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon. (Admitted on application.) MR. F. LAING, K. C., and MR. ALFRED BUCKNILL appeared on behalf of Messrs. Harland and Wolff. (Admitted on application.) Sir WALTER J. HOWELL, Recalled. Further examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 22720. I think yesterday we were just on the subject of the Regulations and Suggestions to Surveyors, and we were on Rule or regulation 16. I notice on page 8, Rule 16, that certain paragraphs have been struck out, and there is inserted, dated February, 1907, a slip of an amended Rule: “In all sea-going steamers coming under survey for passenger certificate for the first time the following requirements regarding the height of the bulkheads should be complied with.” The collision bulkhead is in all cases to extend to the upper deck. If an iron or steel watertight deck or flat is fitted below the upper deck at the afterend of the vessel and forms the top of the after watertight compartment, the aftermost bulkhead may terminate at the said watertight deck or flat, but if no such watertight deck or flat is fitted, the aftermost bulkhead should extend to the upper deck.” What was it that led to that alteration in February, 1907? Can you tell me? - I am sorry to say I cannot. This is rather an illustration of what I have said once or twice, that I am anxious that questions of this kind should be put rather to the officers who will follow me as experts on their particular points, than to me as an administrative officer. Mr. Edwards: I am quite content with that, Sir Water, if I know that that officer or those officers are going to be called as Witnesses. The Attorney-General: Which officer is it you are referring to? The Witness: This is Mr. Archer. The Attorney-General: He will be called. 22721. (Mr. Edwards.) Very well. (To the Witness.) Now yesterday I think your expression was that in cases of special difficulty, or in things of an exceptional character, the matter would not be decided in the discretion of the local Surveyor, but would be referred to the Board of Trade? - Any question of importance would be. 22722. When it was proposed to build these two colossal ships, the “Titanic” and the “Olympic,” was there any reference to the Board with regard to that? - That is a question Mr. Archer will be able to answer much better than I should be able to do. 22723. You can tell at least if there was any reference to the Board. I am not going to ask you as to details? - I am under the impression that certainly there were questions referred to the Board. 22724. If there were, would Mr. Archer be in possession of the documents relating to the reference? - Yes. 22725. Can you tell me apart altogether from the special reference, when the question came up of the construction of these two great ships which were something above and beyond anything we had had before, whether the Board gave any special consideration to their size in relation to safety? - I am under the impression that the professional officers certainly did consider that. 22726. And again perhaps I can get something from Mr. Archer? - And Sir Alfred Chalmers and Captain Young. 22727. Apart from those two officers, was there any general consideration or discussion? You
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