Page 176 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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Manning Scale for ships? - It has never recommended any Manning Scale, no. 24768. Has it considered whether there should be a Manning Scale set up? - Yes, it has considered it. 24769. But it did not come to any conclusion? - It recommended the maintenance of an efficient watch scale, not the Manning Scale. 24770. Has the question of the establishment of a Manning Scale frequently come before the Advisory Committee? - Yes, at a good many meetings. 24771. But you mean to say that no decision has yet been arrived at? - We have decided against a Manning Scale based upon tonnage or anything of that kind. We have based our recommendations on the maintenance of efficient watches. The things that were read to my Lord were wrong; they are not extracts from any Minutes or any letters written. They wrongly represent it; in fact, they never came from the Committee. 24772. Have your Committee considered the question of a standard of efficiency for seamen and men in the Engine Department? - Yes, it has been debated, and we have made recommendations. 24773. You mean have made recommendations to the Board of Trade? - Yes. The recommendations are that a man should not be passed as an efficient deckhand unless he has satisfied a Nautical Surveyor of the Board. 24774. That has not been carried out by the Board? - They assure us it is. They assure us that no man is passed as an efficient seaman if there is any question raised, unless he has been examined by a nautical Surveyor. 24775. Have you ever heard of nautical Surveyors examining men? - Certainly. I have heard them stopping ships because they have had inefficient deckhands on board. 24776. How often? - Not very often, but there are some every year. 24777. Have your Committee considered the question of boat drills? - Yes, we have considered the question of boat drills, but I would much sooner keep absolutely clear of what we have still under consideration, if I might. 24778. Yes, I respect the obligation? - If I express an opinion in public it is a little difficult for me, as Chairman, to hold an absolutely impartial hand. 24779. That is one of the subjects you are still considering? - That is one of the subjects we are still considering. 24780. Is the manning of lifeboats another subject which you are still considering? - Yes, another subject. 24781. And the question of efficiency - is that still under consideration? - That arises on the manning. We never would man with inefficient people. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 24782. You are Chairman of this Sub-Committee that dealt with bulkheads? - No; I have nothing to do with the Bulkheads Committee. 24783. I mean of the life-saving appliances? - Yes. 24784. You are also head of the firm of solicitors who are instructing Counsel for the White Star Line in this Enquiry? - I am the second partner in the firm. 24785. Was the Sub-Committee of which you are Chairman a Sub-Committee appointed out of the General Advisory Committee? - Yes, subject to the point I have told you, that the Board had added to comply with the 17th Section - The Commissioner: We have had all that - that there were some people co-opted. Mr. Edwards: I did not quite catch what was said by this Witness. He did not speak very loudly, my Lord.
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