Page 159 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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Sir NORMAN HILL, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 24564. Are you the Chairman of the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee? - Yes. 24565. I think, since 1894, you have acted as secretary of the Liverpool Steamship Owners’ Association? - That is so. 24566. Since 1896 you have been a member of the Shipowners’ Parliamentary Committee? - Yes. 24567. I think the first Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee was appointed in 1907? - That is so. 24568. It was appointed for a term of two years, and did it in 1908 expire and cease to be? - Yes. 24569. Was it then reappointed in 1909? - Yes. 24570. And again in 1911? - Yes. 24571. I think all the members of the Committee are appointed by the President of the Board of Trade? - That is so. 24572. But before each Committee is formed, does the Board of Trade invite the associations representing the shipping interests to submit names? - Yes. 24573. And are any of the members selected and appointed by the Board of Trade? - There are four members appointed by the Board of Trade without being nominated by any association. 24574. How many members are there in all? - There are 20 now. 24575. And are they representative of the various shipping interests? - Yes. Five of the names are submitted by the Shipowners’ Parliamentary Committee, I am one of those. There is one name submitted by Lloyd’s, one by the Liverpool Underwriters’ Association, two by the Institute of Naval Architects, one by the Mercantile Marine Service Association and the British Shipmaster’s Association (they are acting together and appoint one), one by the Imperial Merchant Service Guild, one by the Institute of Marine Engineers, one by the Marine Engineer’s Association, and three by the Seamen’s Union. 24576. Is it the fact that the President of the Board of Trade has always appointed the representatives of the various interests whose names have been submitted to him? - Yes. If I may explain, the Associations asked that the Committee should only be appointed for two years, so that at the expiration of two years the Associations can re-select the names they submit, so that if the Committee does not represent the shipping interests as a whole, it is the fault of the shipping interests in the names they have submitted. 24577. We have had reference made to the Advisory Committee of 1911 already, but since 1906, which was the appointment of the first Committee - ? - 1907 it is. 24578. Yes, were you a member of that? - Yes, of the first Committee. 24579. And the second? - Yes. 24580. And the third? - Yes. 24581. The Chairman of all? - Yes, I have been Chairman of all. 24582. Has your Committee been amassing and collecting together information with regard to life-saving appliances and matters connected with making navigation safe at sea? - Yes. The Committee only deals with the matters upon which the Board asks for its opinion. It has since 1907, consulted us on a number of points. At the present moment it has asked us to advise generally upon the Life-Saving Rules and also generally as to whether we can make any suggestions to increase the precautions that are taken to protect life at sea. It has only asked us since the loss of the “Titanic” to advise generally. 24583. Before that had you collected a great deal of evidence and information? - Oh yes, we
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