Page 124 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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24238. And you acquiesced finally in the declaration that was made at Belfast by Mr. Carruthers? - Yes. 24239. He, having had throughout the benefit of your advice and assistance when required? - Yes. 24240. That is what it really comes to, does it not? - Yes. 24241. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) I do not know whether it will assist your Lordship; it has been suggested to me that I should put in the loadline (handing in a diagram). So much for the work that was done by the Board’s officers at Belfast. Now, I want to direct your attention to another matter. During the progress of this Enquiry certain questions have been asked as to the action of the Board of Trade with regard to increasing the boat accommodation? - Yes. 24242. And your name was mentioned as one of the gentlemen who had considered the matter, and given the Board the benefit of your views? - Yes. 24243. We were told that you had made a Minute in 1911. That is so, is it not? - Yes. 24244. Have you got the Minute before you? - I have it. 24245. It will have to be read; it is short. Will you read it? - Yes. 24246. What is the date? - 28th February, 1911. “In accordance with the Board’s instructions by telephone, I attach an extension of the boat scale which has been made by continuing the scale at the same rate, which exists at the upper end of the present scale, viz., 250 cubic feet boat capacity for every 1,000 tons, or 1,250 cubic feet for each 5,000 tons. For a vessel of 50,000 tons gross the scale requires 26 boats under davits of 15,500 cubic feet. The number of boats has been arrived at by dividing the aggregate capacity by 600 cubic feet, this being about the capacity of the 30-feet boats fitted in the ‘Lusitania.” The adoption of the scale would imply the following boat equipment in a vessel of 50,000 tons by Division A, Class 1, of the Rules: - Cubic Persons. Feet. 13 Lifeboats under davits 7,750 775 11 C and “”” “”” 7,750 968 2 D boats “”” “”” Say 20 additional boats or rafts 11,625 1,453 46 “” ““” “” “”” 27,125 3,196 “If, however, the vessel be divided into efficient watertight compartments to the Board’s satisfaction, the total boat equipment would be, say, 36 boats of 21,313 cubic feet.” 24247. (The Commissioner.) Accommodating how many? - I could not say right off, my Lord, without figuring it out, because some of the boats are reckoned at eight cubic feet, but, roughly, it would accommodate 2,131 persons, taking them at ten cubic feet. 24248. That is near enough. Now go on? - “I would suggest, however, that an alteration could usefully be made in No. 12 of the Rules in the direction of making a larger concession in the case of vessels which are efficiently subdivided. Owing, no doubt, to the very small reduction of life-saving appliances at present sanctioned by this Rule, none of the large vessels recently constructed have complied with the recommendations of the Bulkhead Committee, although they are thought to be most reasonable in the case of vessels which have boat capacity for only a proportion of the persons carried. In the case of the ‘Lusitania’ and ‘Mauretania’ application was received for inspection and approval of the bulkheads, but was afterwards abandoned. These vessels are, however, understood to comply with Admiralty requirements. It is suggested that in the case of vessels divided into efficient watertight compartments in accordance with the Committee’s recommendation, the additional boats or life-rafts required by division A, class 1 (d) might be dispensed with altogether, provided the boat scale is maintained at about the values shown by the diagram. This would imply in a vessel of 50,000 tons: -
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