Page 122 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
P. 122
24193. Let me tell you in my opinion, if that was your view, it was your duty to say so? - I should get a very severe snub if I did. 24194. (Mr. Cotter.) Is it the Rule in Southampton for you to see the boat lists? - No, it is not. 24195. You do not see them? - No, I do not; I know they are there. 24196. You know they are there? - Yes. 24197. (The Commissioner.) Can you tell me is there any branch of the service in the Board of Trade which, in the opinion of those who are in that branch, is sufficiently manned? - I do not know. 24198. Do you think there is? Do you understand my question? - I do not quite gather it. 24199. Very well, I will tell you again. Is there, in your opinion, in any branch of the service of the Board of Trade a sufficient number of men, in the opinion of the men who are in that service? - No, none of us think that. 24200. No, I am sure you do not; you all think there ought to be more? - Yes, undoubtedly. 24201. How many more; would you say double? - Well, it is getting on for that. 24202. Or perhaps treble? - Oh, no. 24203. Well, double; the whole staff of the Board of Trade, in your opinion, ought to be doubled? - I think so. The Commissioner: Now, Mr. Scanlan and Mr. Cotter, there you have it. I felt sure you would get it. Mr. Scanlan: Captain Young said they were going to increase the number, my Lord. The Commissioner: I have no doubt they will have a great deal more work to do after the “Titanic.” Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 24204. Is there any practical difficulty in your demanding a boat drill with firemen in the boats according to their boat list? - No. 24205. It could be done before the ship started? - Oh, yes, we are doing it now. 24206. That is what I wanted to know. Then I suppose each man would have to take his station? - Yes. 24207. According to the list? - Yes. 24208. And go out in the boat? - Yes. 24209. Then you would not have only deckhands rowing, would you? - Oh, no, we fill boats with stewards and boats with firemen; in fact, the men like it now I have instituted it. 24210. You do it now? - Yes. 24211. Since the “Titanic” disaster? - Yes, since the “Titanic” disaster they like it. 24212. (The Commissioner.) It is a peculiar change of taste. How many lifeboats are the davits constructed to carry? - Those davits - the Welin davits - are constructed to carry two boats. 24213. On the “Titanic”? - On the “Titanic,” inside and outside. 24214. On the “Titanic” were they intended to carry more than two boats? - I do not think they were intended to carry more than two boats. 24215. Were they constructed to carry more than two boats? - Yes, they could have carried three. 24216. Could they have carried four? - No, I do not think so. 24217. Were they intended to carry four? - Well, may I explain? 24218. No; answer the question. Were they intended to carry four? - They might carry 10. If you have got the chocks and the skids so arranged you might put out boats either from the starboard side to port side or from port side to starboard side. 24219. Now, I want to know this: If those davits got out of order and were intended to carry three or four boats, that would make three or four boats useless? - It certainly would. 24220. However, nothing of that kind happened on this occasion so far as we know? - No. 24221. Can you tell me why passenger ships are not surveyed in the same way as emigrant ships? - No.
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