Page 120 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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“No,” and they would all differ from him. 24141. (Mr. Holmes.) Not necessarily, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Is your department taking steps to amend that measurement? - Yes, I believe they are going to make the divisor 12 instead of 10. 24142. (The Commissioner.) Are they going to adopt your plan? - My plan? 24143. Yes? - I am not consulted in those matters. 24144. Do answer me? - No. 24145. Are not you living in hopes that they will? - Yes. 24146. And if they do not you will still think they are wrong? - Yes, undoubtedly. 24147. (Mr. Holmes.) Is it your idea that the divisor should be 12? - Instead of 10, yes. 24148. And that, you say, is the idea which the Board of Trade are considering adopting? - Yes; I based that on this, that the Board have given very much attention to the question of these lifeboats long before the “Titanic” disaster, and I formed that opinion. 24149. That is why I ask you? - The Board have gone into this question very fully - long before the “Titanic” disaster. 24150. And worked out upon that computation, the boats would be considered fit to hold less people than now? - Undoubtedly, and probably that will be made law. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 24151. You have taken part in the survey of other companies besides the White Star, have you not? - Yes. 24152. Is it not a Rule in other companies that the whole of the three departments - the deck, the steward, and stokehold departments take part in the boat drill? - Yes, in some of the companies they do, and the men like it. 24153. You never saw any difficulty with the firemen? - No. 24154. Those who had to take part in this? - No. 24155. (The Commissioner.) Have you ever heard it said that the firemen object to the boat drill? - Yes, I have heard it objected to. 24156. I thought you said just now that you had not? - Mr. Cotter is speaking of other companies. 24157. Is it only in the White Star Line that the firemen object to boat drill? - Yes, in Southampton. 24158. And why do they object to it in the White Star Line and not in the other lines? - I do not know; I could not tell you. 24159. They have some dislike for the White Star Line? - I could not tell you at all. 24160. But is it the fact that in the White Star Line the firemen object to take part in the boat drill? - Well, I believe they have. 24161. And it is not the fact in any other line? - Well, not to my knowledge; I have never heard it. 24162. And you cannot explain to me why they should dislike the boat drill in the White Star boats and submit to it in the other boats? - I could not tell you, my Lord. 24163. It seems peculiar. I am asked to ask you if you have ever seen firemen assisting in a boat drill in boats in Southampton? - No, not in my muster. 24164. In any boats? - No, but they do it before I go to the ship. 24165. But you have never seen it? - No; I only ask for two boats to be lowered. On sailing day I will have nothing else but sailors. Since the “Titanic” disaster we have very extensive boat drills, and the Companies have been very pleased to allow me to examine them much more. 24166. Then you do not think your system before this disaster was satisfactory? - No, not very satisfactory. 24167. Well, was it satisfactory? - Well, I think we might with advantage - 24168. Will you answer the question; was it satisfactory? - No. 24169. It was your plan, nevertheless? - My plan? No, it is the custom.
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