Page 110 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
P. 110
23989. Where was this? - Outside Belfast Lough. 23990. Before she left for Southampton? - Yes. 23991. What steaming tests was she submitted to? - She went from slow to full speed. She was put astern and the engines maneuvered and she was put through a number of circling trials. 23992. Was she put through any trial with the port propeller going astern and the starboard propeller going ahead? - She was. 23993. What speed was she going at when she was put through that test? - I could not tell you. About full speed she was supposed to be going. 23994. Going full speed with propellers going in that way within what distance would she turn? - I do not know. 23995. Do you know within what distance she did turn? - No. 23996. Could you give us any light? - Well, she made a very small circle, I observed, and it was noticed. 23997. How many lengths of herself? - I have no idea. 23998. You could not furnish it? - I could not tell, I do not know. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 23999. For the purpose of the Emigration Survey and the Passenger Declaration, it was your duty to inspect, amongst other things, the boats and the life-saving appliances, the compasses and other deck equipment? - Yes. 24000. Have you ever served at sea in any capacity outside the engine room? - No. 24001. Have you any sea experience at all to qualify you for the surveying of deck equipment? - I was qualified when I came ashore to inspect deck equipment, I think. 24002. Have you had, for instance, any practical experience of compasses? - Do you mean making them? 24003. Using them? - No, except in a small boat. 24004. Have you, since you joined the Board of Trade, had any training under sea conditions as to the use of deck equipments? - I have seen boats put out, of course, hundreds of times. 24005. Have you ever had the handling of a boat in rough weather at sea? - Yes. 24006. Amongst other things the certificates of masters and two mates are part of your duty for passenger declaration? - I inspect it and see that it is in order. 24007. Your object is to see that the Merchant Shipping Act is complied with? - Yes. 24008. Do you ask for any other certificates besides those of the Master and two officers? - We get a certificate from the compass adjuster that the compasses are good. 24009. I am talking of the master and two mates’ certificates. You asked for those certificates? - Yes. 24010. Did you ask for others? - And two engineers. 24011. Any others? - No. 24012. So long as the requirements of the Merchant Shipping Act are satisfied, you are satisfied that the ship is seaworthy? - Yes, that is all I have to do with it. 24013. If the “Titanic” had them you would not - ? - I would not have withheld the declaration. 24014. Do you think it improper to allow a ship of that size to go to sea with two officers? - I would consider if I had got the certificates I had to enter on my declaration that I had got all that was required by me. 24015. You simply tie yourself down to the regulation? - I must. 24016. The same thing applies to the Emigration Survey for clearance? - I measured those spaces. 24017. I am still talking of the officers’ certificates? - I did not give the clearance of this ship,
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