Page 109 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
P. 109
Mr. Edwards: No the evidence of Barrett is this that in Section 6 he saw water coming in, and in Section 5 he saw it trickling in and that afterwards when he skipped up out of section 5 he did it because there was a great rush of water as if something had given way. The Commissioner: Is that all? The side of the ship had given way? Mr. Edwards: No. The Commissioner: Yes it had, and the water was rushing in? Mr. Edwards: Not in that section; this is section 5. The Commissioner: The ship was holed to between Sections 4 and 5, was it not? Mr. Edwards: No, my Lord, there is no evidence of that. The Commissioner: Was not it holed in No. 5? Mr. Edwards: Slightly, and the bunker on the starboard side. The Commissioner: You are not helping me much. Mr. Edwards: I am very sorry. The Commissioner: You are trying very hard, no doubt. Mr. Edwards: I am proceeding upon the principle that if at first I do not succeed I will try again. The Commissioner: You do not give the quotation correctly. It is “try, try, try again.” 23975. (Mr. Edwards - To the Witness.) Were you very frequently on the “Titanic” inspecting her? - Yes, about every day. 23976. Did you apply any actual tests to anything on board the “Titanic” - any test of strength or anything - or did you proceed merely upon your general knowledge and experience by general observation? - Do you mean the hull or the equipment? Yes, any actual test of strength. The Commissioner: Help us by telling us what sort of tests. 23977. (Mr. Edwards.) If he says he did not, there is no need to go into the particular kind? - Yes, I did. 23978. Did you apply any test to the plates in the bottom of the “Titanic”? - No; I saw the double bottom tested with water. 23979. Have you any views with regard to the advantage of longitudinal bulkheads? - Of course I have views. 23980. Have you had any experience? - I have had no experience of longitudinal bulkheads. 23981. No experience at all? - No, I cannot recall it. 23982. Have you any views of what ought to be the height of transverse bulkheads? - I am guided by the regulations. 23983. I asked whether you have any views apart from the regulations? - Do you mean in my private capacity? 23984. No, as Surveyor, with 20 years’ experience. The Commissioner: I hope you will say no. 23985. (Mr. Edwards.) This is very great incitement, my Lord. The Witness: Well, I am satisfied if I get them as high as I got them in the “Titanic.” 23986. That is as high as you say the regulations required? - Yes. 23987. That satisfies you? - Yes. Mr. Edwards: Very well that will satisfy me for the present. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 23988. My point is simply about the steaming tests. Did you on behalf of the Board of Trade see the “Titanic” was subjected to steaming tests? - I was on board the ship when she went through her steam trials and she made some tests.
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