Page 102 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 23 - 26
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whether or not the builders are complying with the Board of Trade Regulations and Instructions? - Yes. 23859. That is your duty. And in addition to that I believe either you or the owners have to send over to London either to Mr. Archer or Mr. Boyle, whom we have heard of, certain sections, certain plans, and so on? - Yes, they were sent through our office. 23860. That is the practice? - Yes. 23861. Also I believe in the event of there being any difference of opinion between you and the builders as to whether or not the Board of Trade instructions are being given effect to you communicate with the London office and get the benefit of their views? - Yes, we do. 23862. And then you put these views before the builders, Messrs. Harland and Wolff, as they were on this occasion? - Yes. 23863. There were certain matters which you did have to refer to London for, but as far as I can see it is quite unnecessary to trouble my Lord with those matters. If any of those Gentlemen want them you can give them particulars? - Yes. 23864. I do not propose to trouble you about them. Eventually the ship was finished? - Yes. 23865. Did you then give your declaration of survey? - Yes. 23866. When you gave your declaration of survey had she in fact complied with all the requirements of the Board of Trade? - Yes, she had. Mr. Butler Aspinall: My Lord, it was put in through the medium of Mr. Sanderson; it follows the day’s evidence which ends on page 479. At the end of that there were certain appendices or exhibits put in. The Commissioner: Yes. I have the document. 23867. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) It is quite unnecessary to trouble you with it, Mr. Carruthers. It is on page 10 of those documents. That declaration is signed by you and you say it is in order and accurate, and then did you hand that declaration over to the owners? - To the builders. 23868. Yes, you are right, to the builders; then in the ordinary course of business the builders sent that on to the head office in London. Perhaps you do not know? - They sent it on to the Assistant-Secretary. 23869. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Your Lordship will see that what next happened is at page 13, a document is issued to the owners entitled “passengers certificate,” and that is signed “Walter J. Howell.” (To the Witness.) That is how it is done? - Yes. 23870. After you have given your declaration of survey so far as you are concerned you have done with the ship? - Yes. I have finished with her then. Mr. Scanlan: I have no question. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 23871. What precisely are your qualifications, Mr. Carruthers? - For what purpose? 23872. For the purpose of a Surveyor of ships; what experience have you had? - I have been surveying ships for a little over 20 years. 23873. Before you entered the service of the Board of Trade what were you doing? - Surveying ships. 23874. For how long? - For about four years. 23875. So that you have been in the service of the Board of Trade 16 years? - Sixteen years, yes. 23876. And before that you surveyed ships for four years? - Yes. 23877. For whom? - First of all I was Assistant-Superintendent to Robert Baird on the Tyne, and assisted him; then I became assistant for F. Scudamore and Company, London. After that, I went as assistant to John Baxter, at Newcastle-on-Tyne.
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