Page 87 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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was in the original design before it was sent out at all - before the Admiralty was considered. 21240. When were you building these vessels with reference to the Admiralty at all? - The connection with the Admiralty came on after the original designs were first prepared. 21241. Then am I to understand that the arrangements which you made with the Admiralty were not contemplated at the time these vessels were designed? - In the original designs, no. 21242. And did the original designs include these side watertight compartments? - The original designs contained them. The ships were not quite as big as they were afterwards decided to be, but the side bunkers were a part of the original design. 21243. When did you first introduce the side watertight bunkers? - On the “Mauretania” and “Lusitania.” 21244. Then they are only five years old? - That is all. 21245. Before that you had no such things? - No. 21246. And these two boats are, as I understand, the only two boats which have been subsidised by the Admiralty with the object of possibly utilising them as cruisers? - That is so. 21247. Is it the fact that the Admiralty have control over any other of your ships? - They have not so much control over the other ships as they have over these two. 21248. Just tell me what the nature of the arrangement between you and the Admiralty is? - That, I think, is a question for the management to answer, my Lord. 21249. You are unable to answer it - I will not press you if you would rather not? - I am not able. 21250. Have you made any calculations to show the effect of flooding compartments, either bunkers at the side or forward? - Yes. 21251. You have made calculations? - Yes, such calculations were made long before the ship was started. 21252. So I should have thought. Have you them here? - No, I have not them here. 21253. Could you get them? - They could be obtained; yes. 21254. Perhaps you will get them for us? - Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) Mr. Butler Aspinall: I propose at this stage to interpose Mr. Carlisle, to whom reference was made last week. The RIGHT HON. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY CARLISLE, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 21255. I believe you have come here in compliance with the wish of the Solicitor of the Board of Trade, but you preferred not to make a statement to them officially? - That is so. 21256. Were you a member of the Advisory Committee which sat in 1911? - Yes, I was at two of their meetings. 21257. And I believe that one of the subject matters before that Committee was the question of boats and additional boats to meet the large ships which have recently been put upon the seas? - Yes. 21258. Now last week the attention of the Court was called to an interview which purports to be an interview between you and some representative of the “Daily Mail,” dated Thursday, June the 6th. Have you seen a copy of that interview? - I do not think so. 21259. (The Attorney-General.) No, April the 18th? - April the 18th.
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